Raindance Film Festival Berlin – Win Tickets!


You all know I’m a sucker for film festivals. I love the energy that surrounds them, the tense silence of expectations in the audience when the film flickers across the silver screen for the first time, the excitement at the after show parties and the buzz it sends through the entire city.

The Raindance Festival is actually a London-based film gathering for independent film, but this year starting tomorrow they are hosting their first festival in Berlin. So let’s support the newbies and join them for their first Berlin edition. More about it and how to win tickets after the jump.

Co-hosted by the Berlin Film Society the Raindance Film Festival Berlin will take place from November 20-23, 2013, and might not take over Berlin like the Berlinale does, it will, however, take over Katerholzig for four days. Movies, workshops, panel discussions, parties and performances will take place in the renowned club near Jannowitzbrücke and I’m sure it will be magical.

We are giving away 2×2 tickets. 1×2 tickets for the Thursday screening of SUMMER HOUSE (7pm), which features a director Q&A, and 1×2 tickets for the Thursday screening of COLDWATER (4pm). But be quick and spontaneous, as the festival is starting tomorrow we’ll choose and notify winners early tomorrow! Good luck!

Find all information on the Raindance Festival Berlin and program on their website.

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on November 19th, 2013
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43 Responses to “Raindance Film Festival Berlin – Win Tickets!”

  1. christl Says:

    Dieser Film klingt soooo interessant!!

  2. Tim Says:

    Hallo, ich würde mich freuen “HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS” zu sehen!

  3. momo märz Says:

    Ich finde EVERYBODY STREET toll und würde den Film sehr gern sehen! :-)

  4. Karl Alarcon Says:

    me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!

  5. George Says:

    Really would like to see

  6. Alice Says:

    How To Make Money Selling Drugs

  7. Mary Says:

    ‘Everybody street’ on the 20.11 would be great! :)

  8. Anna Says:

    ich würde gerne zu EVERYBODY STREET (Opening Night Film) am Mittwoch! Würde mich über die Tickets sehr freuen!!!

  9. Jules Says:

    The Short Film Screening!

  10. Carmen Says:


  11. Laura Says:

    Would love to see The Kirishima Thing. :D

  12. Kristin Says:

    Everybody Street – I love documentaries just as much as I love photography so that film’s a perfect match! :-)

  13. Gabriele Says:


  14. Berts Says:

    How to make money selling drugs! (???)

  15. louis liekens Says:

    “Tales from the Organ Trade”
    Pretty please!

  16. Christina Says:


  17. Stephanie Motta Says:

    I would <3 to get the WORKSHOP: WRITING DRAMA FROM REAL LIFE with Donna Sharpe (BBC).
    <3 <3 <3

  18. Maria Says:

    The THE KIRISHIMA THING looks good. Also the SUMMER HOUSE as a second choice :)

  19. Stefan Says:

    Na logisch soll es der Closing Night Film werden, The Kirishima Thing, denn dann nehmen wir die folgende Party gleich noch mit. :) Das Tolle mit dem Wilden verbinden!

  20. Lina Says:

    Ich hätte auch sehr gerne Karten für: THE KRISHNA THING

  21. Lina Says:

    Sorry, ich meinte natürlich: KIRISHIMA THING ;)

  22. imogen Says:

    Would LOVE to go to see Summerhouse. Looks schweet.

  23. Holger Seifferth Says:

    Fall and Winter

  24. Hania Says:

    No doubts. Short movies on Saturday at 15:00. So many unique stories and also…Saturday afternoon is this time of the week when I usually waste time.

  25. JAR Says:

    I’d love to attend the “HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS” screening… not the workshop (for now).
    Thanks! :)

  26. Justine Aki Says:

    For the competition :I would like to see the controversial documentary HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS. im also interested in doing the extreme weather workshop for filmmakers!

  27. lili Says:

    ‘everybody street’ on thursday would be amazing! please please and thank you

  28. lili Says:

    *wednesday, well tomorrow

  29. Jonathan Clark Says:


    I just watched the trailer and am already highly intrigued.

  30. Mercedes Wyler Says:

    I want to win the tickets!!!!

  31. Lisa Says:



  32. Ada Blitzkrieg Says:


  33. auré Says:

    oui – i’m interested in!

  34. susann Says:

    great to have the raindance film festival happening in berlin.
    I hope to be the lucky winner of a ticket for the screening of “summer house” ;)

  35. David Says:

    Love Raindance and love to win tickets :)

  36. malena Says:

    ich krieg gänsehaut bei coldwater

  37. Eeva Says:

    Love cinema?

  38. Gaby Says:

    oooh ja ein ticket bitte :)

  39. Finkedei Says:

    I want to win tickets!

  40. Pumpkin Says:

    I still don’t get how to win tickets. Maybe I’m tired.

  41. Larissa Says:

    I’d love to see both of the films…but if I had to choose, I’d choose SUMMER HOUSE!

  42. Katharina Says:

    Ich würde mich über jedes einzelne Ticket, das ich gewinnen würde sehr freuen :)

  43. Lia Lia Says:

    CONGRATS to Malena and Imogen!
    Malena you won 2 Tickets to the COLDWATER screening at 4pm on thursday
    Imogen you won 2 Tickets to the SUMMER HOUSE screening at 7pm on thursday

    Enjoy the screenings