I HEART XMAS: T-Shirt Collection with ARMEDANGELS

Surprise! If you thought that we wouldn’t have anything special for you this Christmas: Think again! After several X-mas specials and events we also prepared something unique for you guys this year. We teamed up with sustainable fashion label ARMEDANGELS to create a very special collection of T-shirts called Cross Mountain. And the best thing is: After our scarves and leggings it is finally something for the boys! More about it and how to win the shirts after the jump.

“Mount Görli”

The collection with ARMEDANGELS is titled Cross Mountain which is the literal translation of Berlin’s most popular district Kreuzberg. This district is very special for us as so many of the places and events that we write about on I HEART BERLIN are in this amazing district.

Since our previous collections were all using Kaleidoscoping designs from our party photos I wanted to do something entirely different this time. I went out to Kreuzberg and took lots of photos of some iconic buildings such as the high rise building at Kotti and the Görlitzer Bahnhof subway station. Those buildings I stacked up like mountains and combined them with actual mountains (that were photographed in Argentina by the way). And if the designs should remind you of something, you are not mistaken: the perspective effect that I used was inspired by the famous drawings of M. C. Escher.

“Mount Kotti”

That this collection is a collaboration with ARMEDANGELS is not a coincedent. I have been thinking about working with a sustainable and fair trade brand for a while now and ARMEDANGELS is definately one of the most serious labels in this respect. All their garments are either using organic cotton or have Fair Trade and GOTS certificates, in many cases even all of those three which is really hard to accomplish in terms of production. This deserves a lot of respect for their quest to change the fashion industry and commerce. And the price level for their pieces is surprisingly low with T-Shirts starting at 29,90 EUR, so absolutely no-one has an excuse not to buy fair and green fashion.


A big thank you to our event and fashion editor Devid and Starecaser Thibaud for modeling and photographing the shirts for us!

And as Christmas is a time of sharing we are giving away 3 of those shirts to you. Just leave a comment below with a valid eMail address until Thursday at 14h with your Christmas greetings and your favorite of the 3 designs (their names are underneath the photos. The winners will receive the shirts before Christmas! The T-Shirt collection will be available to order online at ARMEDANGELS in Spring 2014. Good luck and happy Holidays!

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36 Responses to “I HEART XMAS: T-Shirt Collection with ARMEDANGELS”

  1. shadesofspunk Says:

    Its wonderful and cool design!!! Thanks a lot for sharing this blog..

  2. federico brentaro Says:

    I love this shirt and the design!
    I’m an italian boy like Devid, so I have to win. 🙂

  3. Rui Braga Says:

    What a nice Christmas gift i would love to wear!
    My favorite design is “Mount Görli”.

  4. Vision Says:


    Merry Xberg-Mess

  5. ben Says:

    Happy Birthday JC!
    (Mount Görli)


  6. Gabriel Says:

    Hm. Alle toll, aber Mount Görli gefällt mir am Besten!

  7. Julian Bustamante Says:

    Hey guys!!

    Merry X-mas, it would be awesome to have the Mount Götli t-shirt!! It’s pretty cool.

    Keep it real guys!!

    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

    Julian Bustamante

  8. Valentin Says:

    Ganz traditionell: Frohe Weihnachten und besinnliche Festtage!


  9. mia Says:

    “Screcan Bozic” heißt Frohe Weihnachten auf Serbisch!!! Würde mich sehr über “Mount Görli” freuen!! Guten Rutsch,

  10. mia Says:

    oh hab mich verschrieben, “Srecan Bozic”!!!

  11. Carlo Olmi Says:

    Dear Santa this year please give me a big fat bank account and the “Mount Görl” tshirt.
    The MOUNT GÖRL t-shirt is more than enough!!! 🙂



  12. Mike Says:

    Merry Christmas, full of good food and good design:)
    Tough choice but my favourite is “Mount Kotti” shirt.

  13. Gus Says:

    Kottiwood for the win! Such cool mixture of the buildings and the mountains! Definitely embodying the Xberg spirit!
    Have a happy and fat Xmas, everyone! 😉

  14. Dim Says:

    Kotti Carlo – sehr schön!

  15. Sabine B Says:

    Hallo. Ich wünsche euch allen eine wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit. Lasst euch reich beschenken..
    Mich dürft ihr gern mit dem Mount Goerli Shirt beschenken. In XL bitte..

    Lieber Gruß

  16. federico brentaro Says:

    My favourite is Mount Kotti

    Merry Christmas xoxo

  17. Chad Says:

    Merry Christmas all. Mount Kotti would make a lovely gift.

    Cheers and best wishes.

  18. Laura Says:

    Hey ihr Lieben,

    schick, schick die T-Shirts! Am schönsten finde ich Mount Görli. 🙂

    Frohes Fest!


  19. Brady Vickers Says:


  20. Frank Says:

    hApPy XmAs

    Kottiwood, würde perfekt zu meiner Wohnung am Kottbusser Damm passen!

  21. Marlies Says:

    frohe weihnachten!

    mount görli!

  22. Svenja Says:

    Merry Christmas, joyeux Noel, feliz Navidad, buon Natale, boas festas, Wesołych Świąt! Fröhliche Weihnachten für die ganze Welt! Und ich wünsche mir Mount Kotti 🙂

  23. Tom Says:

    wow. super cool. die shirts gefallen mir super gut! mount kotti – klasse!!

  24. Daniela Says:

    Mount Görli ist der Hit! Schöne Weihnachtstage und sonnige Grüße! 🙂

  25. Julia Says:


    welch tolles Geschenk! Kottiwood ist meiner Meinung nach das genialste Motiv. HO HO HO 🙂

  26. ben denk Says:

    I love KOTTI_WOOD!
    from far!
    muss in aachen arbeiten, drum richtig tränen in den augen wenn ich das sehe!

  27. joana d Says:

    amazing t-shirts 🙂 i want all !

  28. thftmnstr Says:

    I WANT THEM ALL but mount kotti seems to be the prettiest

    frohe weihnachten

  29. thftmnstr Says:

    frohliche weihnachten

    they all look so juicy, but mount kotti wins this game

  30. Mindaugas Says:

    i love the architectural inspiration. good job

  31. Gila Says:

    Ein wundervolles Weihnachtsfest und viel Liebe an Alle!
    Ich würde mich sehr über das Mount Görli freuen!

  32. Frohlein Schnati Says:

    lovely shirts!!! Kottiwood under my non-existing christmastree and i will be a happy me 🙂

  33. Kathi Says:

    Schicke Shirt’s. Mein favourit ist “Mount Goerli”

  34. Diana Says:

    Feliz navidad, feliz navidad y MUCHA felicidad 🙂
    Mount Görli definitiv!

  35. ben Says:

    Please Santa,

    fulfill my queer/nerdy wish of “Mount Görli”. Public transport … sexy!

    Santa … please … marry christmas to all of you!



  36. Jorge Corona Says:

    So nice to see my favorite bloggers modeling for you guys! Happy holidays! My fave tee is kottiwood.

    Cheers from mexico!

    – Jorge

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