Pulsader Berlin Necklace

Creating a Berlin-themed piece of design without being too obvious and end up looking like cheap tourist merchandise is really a challenge. Gaspare Buzzatti and Lisa Filipini have managed this challenge quite masterfully with their necklace Pulsader – Berlin’s Beat. It’s huge metal pendant depicts the grid of Berlin’s center around the river Spree. It’s quite smart, because it resembles the city in an iconic way without using cliché shapes like the TV Tower or the Brandenburger Gate. No surprise this design won the first price of the be.berlin souvenir competion of the Senat.

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on January 16th, 2014
updated on December 8th, 2014
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29 Responses to “Pulsader Berlin Necklace”

  1. Dim Says:

    It’s a beatiful peace…

  2. Antoniya Ivanova Says:

    Super cool design!!!! It looks also like a heart..We Heart Berlin <3

  3. Marie J B Says:

    Ja, bitte!

  4. Melanie Lange Says:

    Ohhhh, this necklace is gorgeous and since I´m an “Ur-Berlinerin” it belongs to meeeeeeee :)))))) My neck is like made for it 🙂 Please, make me win it!!!

  5. Sonya Spilkin Says:

    I love the execution on this piece of jewelry and completely agree that the designers have managed to create something beautiful without being touristy and kitschy. I also like the way in which it resembles a human heart from afar, while displaying the ‘heart’ of the city at the same time. Well done!

  6. Mindaugas Patapas Says:

    who wouldn’t want to own such beauty?

  7. genia selkind Says:

    a unique and sophisticated art piece-.

  8. Jana Says:

    LOVE IT!

  9. jazz Says:

    let me have it!

  10. Fjoer Says:

    beautiful peace… was für ein schönes Stück.

    I really like your blog!

    Greets from Fjoer (who’s very new in this blogger-town…)

  11. Anna Says:

    My kiez is not on it 🙁 but i’d love one anyways 🙂

  12. Ivana Says:

    So was wuerde zu meinem neuen Kleid passen 🙂 Also, ja bitte!

  13. Marlene Says:

    Super schön! Würde mich riesig freuen! <3

  14. Michel Says:

    Very very nice! 🙂

  15. Klaudia Says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this pendant. It’s charming. Simple yet so intriguing.

  16. Cathleen Smoljanizki Says:

    Mein geliebtes Berlin, vor 7 Jahren habe ich dich verlassen, um mein Glück woanders zu suchen. Seitdem fehlst du mir wahnsinnig. Ich vermisse dich und trage dich immer in meinem Herzen…. :’-)

  17. Ellen Says:

    Love Berlin. Love the necklace. Want it to remind me of Berlin while living in Stockholm.

  18. Aimee Thompson Says:

    A beautiful, unique piece!

  19. Hanna Löbke Says:

    Geniale Lösung, perfekte Berlin-Liebe zum immer dabei haben!

  20. Uemit Says:

    You would love to call this beautiful necklace your OWN.

    Contact us. We are pick by Lisa Filipini as retailer to offer this piece of art.



  21. Maja Says:

    this is totally charming necklace.. i’m living in warsaw right now but i love berlin and the half of my heart belongs to this city! please let berlin be close to my heart (literally), i know this city wants it too

  22. Nic Says:

    Oh ja, bitte! Den Puls der Stadt über dem Puls des Herzens!

  23. Xo Says:


  24. Deborah W Says:

    Such a beautiful, original design!

  25. sarah Says:

    unglaublich schöne idee. würde mich freuen eines der stücke zu besitzen.

  26. Heide herzberg Says:

    I Love berlin❤️ und hätte sehr gerne so eine tolle Kette!

  27. Finkedei Says:

    nicer schice!

  28. Loelite82 Says:

    What a wonderful necklace & idea! Come to me little treasure 🙂

  29. Lisi Schh Says:

    …wenn ich zurück nach Hause komm dann trennst du dich von mir.
    Ich bleib für immer in Berlin!
    Bloß nicht zurück nach Hause komm denn ich will dich nicht verliern.
    Ich bleib für immer in Berlin!
    Vielleicht bleibt so diese Liebe am Leben… <3

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