Choose Your Fate – A Berlin Song

In his new cute little pop song Choose Your Fate local musician Max Koffler describes Berlin as a place where you can air your brain and as a playground for people to enjoy. I really share this sentiment about Berlin and often also use the term playground to explain the city to people when they ask me about it. I have met so many people who have come here from different places and circumstances that were somehow frustrating for them for a variety of reasons. Somehow Berlin became a haven for people who come here to be able to breath, live and be creative or just do nothing and relax. I know the city is changing and picking up the pace with other big cities in Europe. But I genuinly hope that somehow Berlin will remain some kind of playground for us. Enjoy the song and video and a little GIF right after the jump.

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on January 2nd, 2015
updated on April 28th, 2016
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4 Responses to “Choose Your Fate – A Berlin Song”

  1. Timo Says:

    Sorry, aber AutoTune geht ja wohl gar nicht!

  2. Toni Says:


  3. mx Says:

    sorry, aber autotune geht wohl ;-)P

  4. ioh Says:

    awesome Video and breathtaking song

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