11 Amazing Restaurants in Berlin

Restaurant Neni, photo: 25hours Hotel

Berlin’s restaurant scene has never been more vibrant and pulsating. It’s part of the appeal of living in this city. It changes all the time, some things come, some things go. The city is in constant motion. We’ve seen a lot of places come and go here but the good ones always stick around. We have compiled a list of 11 of our favorite restaurants in Berlin that come with concepts and ideas that enrich this city. Enjoy this restaurant guide. Guten Appetit!

The Klub Kitchen

If you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch with friends in a sweet new restaurant, you should visit The Klub Kitchen. The menu varies weekly and offers a great selection of delicious dishes, such as various quinoa salads, home-made granola or pasta with green asparagus. Everything is delicious and at the same time healthy and fresh.

Mulackstr. 15, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open Mon-Sat 10-19h, Tel.: +49 30 23455877

photos: The Klub Kitchen


Located in the heart of Kreuzberg at Skalitzer Straße close to Görlitzer Bahnhof, this new Italian restaurant has one of the best locations in town. Contrary to typical Italian places, it is more modern and fresh, while still being down-to-earth and welcoming for everybody. The food is as good as Italian cooking gets with everything you would wish for, including pasta, meat and fish dishes. We especially enjoyed the mixed starter plate with all the delicious Italian finger food you can imagine.

Skalitzer Str. 34, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily 17-01h, Tel.: +49 30 – 69 50 69 30

Ushido BBQ

Brand new gas grills that are mounted in the middle of the tables in the restaurant allow a special barbecue experience at Ushido. You get your raw food served and then it’s your time to make it like you love it! If you’re coming in for lunch, have some Japanese lunch boxes or bowls. The restaurant pays great attention to a balanced, healthy and varied preparation of their food.

Lychener Str. 18, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Open daily 18-23h + lunch Mon-Thu & Sat-Sun 12-14:30h, Tel.: +49 30 55242448


The Crackers is one of the hot new restaurants in town but it does have quite a history. The place used to be a club called Cookies for a long time, run by the same owner. The Cookies was a legendary club in Berlin with many reincarnations and venues since the 90s. But in time the owner changed his concept as his decades-long followers simply grew out of being club kids. The success of the big sister, vegetarian restaurant Cookie’s Cream, which is in the same building, was the model for the new concept of the club space and so it was changed into an elegant, contemporary restaurant with a exquisite food concept focused on high quality meat dishes. The place is definitely perfect to impress a date or business partner for dinner or a drink later at the bar. There are special DJ nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Saturdays.

Friedrichstraße 158, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Open daily 18h – late, Tel: +49 30 680730488

photo: Crackers

photo: Finding Berlin


Nudo is a brand new Italian restaurant in Kreuzberg’s Lausitzer Platz. Co-owned by the founder of the super successful Kochhaus stores, it comes as no surprise that the recipes and ingredients are of the best of quality here. The concept of Nudo is quite different from most restaurants. They only have one daily menu that consists of four courses and combines nouvelle cuisine and traditional dishes. It normally includes both fish and meat, but can also be requested as a vegetarian menu or other special wishes. So you can basically come here every day and experience something entirely new.

Lausitzer Platz 10, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily 18:30-00:30h, Tel: +49-30 61074323

photos: iHeartBerlin


This new Indochinese restaurant claims to be the comfort place for everyone in Berlin who don’t have the luck to have an Asian grandma cooking some delicious food for them. It’s a cute sentiment and the atmosphere of the modern, yet traditional place definitely adds to the comfort they promise. The menu is a mix of traditional dishes with a couple of modern fusion variations. They also have a burger on their menu, of course with typical Asian ingredients. Especially in the summer this place is a blessing as you have many seats outside with a view to the Watertower in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

Knaackstraße 16, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Open daily 12-23:30h, Tel: +49 30 28860626

photo: Umami

photo: Flavour Magazine


Bosco is the reincarnation of the former Italian restaurant Da Baffi which was a great hit in the district Wedding for many years. While the location there made it pretty much an insider tip, the new venue and concept under the title Bosco in the heart of Kreuzberg makes it definitely more accessible for a broader audience. The place has beautiful ambiance and design – you can see all the love in the details. The menu is excellent, just as it was at the previous place, with the best of Italian cuisine, with a modern approach.

Wrangelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily 19-00h Tel: +49 30 69567079

photos: Bosco

Dudu 31

The Vietnamese restaurant Dudu at Rosenthaler Platz has been one of the most beloved places for lunch or dinner for the hip crowd of Mitte. It’s been long overdue that they open a second place to meet the big demand, so they took the opportunity to start their second place inside the Bleibtreu 31 Hotel. In their new West Berlin restaurant the concept is a little more grown up than in the East. Less premium fast food like in Mitte, more Asian crossover and fine cuisine. The concept has been praised by the audience bringing in a lot of young people from the East who now mingle with the more established and older audience of Charlottenburg.

Bleibtreustr. 31, 10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open daily 12-00h, Tel: +49 (0)3057795577

photo: Dudu31

photo: iHeartBerlin


Chutnify in Prenzlauer Berg is the latest addition for the Indian restaurant scene in the city. It’s probably the only true “cool kid” in that genre with it’s modern design and street food-style kitchen. Of course, the success of street food markets at Markthalle Neun and Biteclub must have played a big role for the founding of this place. What we like about it is that is has a very different type of menu than the usual Indian places, so you will have also a very different culinary experience eating here.

Sredzkistraße 43, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Open Tue-Sun 12-23h, Tel: +49 30 44010795

photos: Chutnify


The Neni restaurant inside the new 25hours Hotel at Bikini Berlin is probably one of the most demanded places at the moment, probably because of its unique green house interior design and spectacular view over the City West and the zoo. Their kitchen is a modern fusion with Oriental influences. Every dish comes in two sizes, which makes this a good opportunity to order many little things to try out and share. Some of the dishes you can even get over at the neighboring Monkey Bar, which is also great for a drink afterwards.

25hours Hotel, Budapester Straße 40, 10787 Berlin-Mitte

Open daily 12-22:30h, Tel: +49 30 12022120

photo: 25hours Hotel

photo: Lilies Diary

Tommi’s Burger Joint

I’ve been avoiding burgers most of my life thanks to the bad reputation they’ve gotten from fast food chains. Thankfully the burger had a renaissance with all these hip gourmet burger places that serve the burger how it used to be before its decay through fast food culture: high quality meat, self-baked buns and delicious ingredients and sauces. Tommi’s Burger Joint is the latest addition in the already big burger scene of Berlin and it’s a pretty down-to-earth kind of approach to burger. Their burgers are not fancy nor elaborate, but damn delicious. You have two options: Burger or Cheeseburger, that’s it. No fuzz. Just good taste.

Invalidenstraße 160, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open daily 12-22h

photo: Finding Berlin

photo: Tommi’s Burger Joint

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50 Responses to “11 Amazing Restaurants in Berlin”

  1. Paul Says:

    Funny that Sauvage is on this list. It’s been around for years (been Paleo for a long time and greeted it upon arrival in Berlin). Has it just become “in”?

  2. Inés Cartas Says:

    Santa Maria is not a real mexican place, it´s tex-mex,or an intent of real mexican food, I´m mexican and I can tell you this is not real mexican, so you should best inform well before writting something.

  3. Frank Says:

    @Paul, as I wrote in the text the Sauvage in Neukölln has been around for a while. But the bigger restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg is relatively new and I think more people should know about that it’s there now too, that’s why it’s in the list.

  4. Anna Says:

    Concerning the Berlin Soulfood article: both ends of Admiralsbrücke are in Kreuzberg. What is normally described as Kreuzkölln is the neighborhood east of Kottbusser Damm.

  5. Claus Says:

    Also funny, that Berlin had once this underground appeal, for people with artistic inclinations and little financial support, sadly, as this articles expresses’s, Berlin is in a constant change of flux. Where cool bar’s and clubs are turning into enriched Culinary hotspots . Sadly, this I feel is totally agains’t the Berliner feel, and concept, of Cheap and Sexy..
    Nothing here is a really cheap find, and if your dying of hunger, do you really want to spend your money tasting or eating… I love I heartberlin, but is this really the Berlin we want ! Cheap, Dark and Tasty, with a pinch of I don’t give a fuck.. This was the TIMES !

  6. Frank Says:

    @Inés, I shortened your comment because you were simply insulting to me and to the people who make this place who are our friends. please be more respectful and leave the hate to yourself. we like the food in this place and we have had our experience with food from Mexico. but of course you are entitled to your opinion. if you would express it in a more rational and respectful manner, it would have more value.

  7. Frank Says:

    @Anna thanks, my mistake, I corrected it.

  8. Frank Says:

    @Claus I don’t see how my article implies, that the “Cheap, Dark and Tasty, with a pinch of I don’t give a fuck..” doesn’t exist anymore in Berlin. this article is simply not about that aspect of Berlin. but certainly Berlin is changing. you might have to look for the cheap and dark in other places now.

  9. Manon Says:

    Thanks for the article! I will visit Berlin in a few months and I’m looking forward to visiting some of these restaurants. It has given me great options in different types of cuisines.

  10. Dani Brown Says:

    Hi Frank!! Thanks for the article!! Looking forward to some dinner dates! Been away from home for 4 weeks now. A little tip from an American.. The best burger joint I know is underneath us, okerstrasse in neu koln. The place is called Rundstuck (the house specialty is this pork sandwich) . Not that it needs to be any more packed!! Run by a young wonderful Chilean woman. Lets have a burger date this summer!! Or next week when im home!!! Xxx

  11. Mari Says:

    Berlin is changing. Yes. Every single day it is reinventing itself. New times call for new measures. Berlin cannot be a city of dark alleys, sex, drugs and rock and roll forever. It is coming out of the darkness, repositioning itself as a modern sustainable capital, where young people can create. It is all about creativity. Culinary evolution is about creativity. New jobs and new styles of living are about creativity. People in Berlin are changing, so is the city.

    Embracing change is symptomatic of people with vision. Resisting change is just weakness.


  12. Maia Says:

    Oh, I am looking forward to trying some of these. Thank you for this list! I have to agree with Claus and Ines though…

    I also miss the times when things were more affordable. The high prices mean that – especially at places like Sauvage – only white people eat there because people of colour cannot afford to (with the exception of a few privileged expats). It’s a pity that something which can create community, like eating together, is actually becoming a very alienating.

    And I think it is important to listen when a Mexican person is angry about how their country’s culinary culture is presented – Berlin can be very tough for people from Latin/South America. People think because they’ve made a Jamie Oliver taco once and saw a sombrero in a cartoon, that they know about Mexico and its culture when actually all they know are a few dumb stereotypes.

  13. Sophie Says:

    You’ve more than two options at Tommi’s Burger Joint! The veggie burger is very delish too and they have a “steak burger”. Anyway, thanks for the great recommendations. will definitely check them out!

  14. Johanna i Berlin Says:

    Great list, thank you so much!

  15. Synke Says:

    Wow, great list. I have been living in Berlin quiet a while. Which means I always go to the same places when I am in this and that neighborhood. Therefore happy for new inspirations. There is also this relatively new place called “Milou” I tried last fall and really liked at Admiralsbrücke. Thanks for the inspiration! I don’t agree with Claus who wants everything cheap. The former 20 year olds who came to the city a decade ago are now in their thirties like myself. I for my share don’t like to eat any cheap crap anymore. I rather spend more money on quality food then anything.

  16. Nani Says:

    @Frank: Inés is right, Santa Maria serves Tex Mex food. They serve GREAT food, but what they serve is not Mexican. I don’t see how this information could possibly insult you or the restaurant – it is not a matter of opinion, after all. Mexicans don’t eat fajitas 😉

    And by the way, the word “definately” does not exist. It’s “definitely”. I don’t mean to be picky, but it is often misspelled in this blog, so I just want to help 🙂

  17. Frank Says:

    @Nani: I did not publish the insulting bits of the comment you mentioned. I left the part of her comment that I consider informative and a relevant. sorry for our typos. we are not native speakers (except skylar) so this will just happen.

  18. Frank Says:

    @Synke: Thank you for your words of appreciation. We do know and loved Milou, but unfortunately it closed in January and is now replaced by “Berlin Soulfood” in the same address.

  19. ramon Says:

    parker bowles?

  20. willi wood Says:

    @Frank. Yes, like Ramon has said… what about Parker Bowles? The place is packed, so unique in many ways while serving a great job in bringing up that Area in Kreuzberg…

  21. Doreen Says:

    Anybody already tried the brunch or the breakfast at the Sauvage?

  22. Richard Duff Says:

    You have to check out Salt ‘n’ Bone folks, Schliemannstr 31 in Prenzlauer Berg. You wont be disappointed!

  23. Naji Says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks so much for this article.

    I was a bit shocked by the many stupid, ungrateful and know-it-all comments to your article. I’m hoping this will not discourage you or your team.


  24. Nels Says:

    @Franck – Regarding Nani’s comment, are you looking for native English speakers to edit your articles? I couldn’t help but notice quite a few places where an editor would have come in handy…

    Let me know.


  25. Richard Says:

    Thanks for the great post, Frank. I really miss the interesting restaurants in Mitte and P’Berg now I’m in the West. I just hope this end of the city catches up soon!

    And don’t worry about the typos. I wish my German was half as good as your English!

  26. Sam Says:

    How could you put chutney in as top indian and ignore Buddha Republic??? Are u serious?

  27. Malte Says:

    Great guide.
    Hae to check some of them soon

  28. Jennie Says:

    Brilliant, thank you. We will be visiting several of these on our next trip to Berlin in October.

  29. Lex Says:

    @Naji I totally agree! I was also shocked and disheartened to see how many people left negative, nit-picky comments. Why are they so bitter? its sad 🙁

    @Frank I really enjoyed the article and am super happy to have a few new places to discover.
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  30. rika Says:

    Hey Nani, Santa Maria Eastside does not serve fajitas.

  31. Karan S. Says:

    Great article Frank. Will check most of the restaurants in the list 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  32. Diana Says:

    I agree with the comments about Santa Maria. The place and food are pleasant enough, they appeal to the hipster crowd, but it is definitely NOT Mexican. There are much better and more authentic restaurants that do serve Mexican food like Ta Cabrón, Agüevo, Chaparro, etc. when it comes to Tex Mex food I actually prefer places like Dolores, especially the Wittenbergplatz branch where they serve delicious Mexican tacos and their tortilla chips are freshly made the Mexican style (cut up and deep fried tortillas), unlike the cheap, out of the bag version served at Santa Maria Kreuzberg.

  33. Sherifa Says:

    I like the article, very informative. Funny how the writer of the article is taking it personally by replying in an angry manner to all those who do not agree with him. To those who take it so personally, I like to ask my favorite question: “Is the restaurant that you are defending your fathers? Do you own it? Do you have shares in it?” if not, then why take it so personal. Chill my love. My darling, habibi, hayeto, chill.
    Also, to the waiters who take it seriously when you tell them as an example that the coke tastes like water, and they get angry and personal, same comment.

  34. Maxi Says:

    Really nice article with some places I didn’t know to date. My absolute favourite place regarding atmosphere is umami for sure,unbelievably cool. Food I think Chutnify is sooooo different from anything Indian I know,yet my South Indian friends who pulled me there sweaf it is like homemade food back home.Really streetfoody atmosphere,mainly outdoors! Great. Neni I really like the location and the food but pricey. Santa Maria I leave the discussion to you. Whoever has tons of money,try zenkichi in mitte. For small purses,Lon Mens noodle house on kantstraße. Anyway thanks for an informative article!!! And: those old joints from the nineties were cool and cheap,but NEVER tasty. I am happy prices are increasing, I am fed up of cheap and deepfrozen meats or dirty kitchens.

  35. Kitty Says:

    wow thanks! I will definately be checking out Umami! FAB!

  36. Offensichtlich Says:

    Thanks a lot for the very nice article. We life so long in Berlin, but we lern every day new cool thinks from our town 🙂 Our next check in will be “Sauvage”.

  37. Lizzie Says:

    You forgot this new amazing restaurant 😉 ROSS in Mitte

  38. Seret Says:

    This site is so great for people who havent been around for long, who like to see the not so typical Berlin spots as well as the classics! Ive been following you guys for a long time and it only gets better. Keep up the great work,lots of love!x

  39. Jo Says:

    Thank you for a whole lot of dining inspiration, we have already been to Tommi’s Burgers though for us Shiso Burger is still the best for a quick feed and ‘Muse’ in Prenzlauerberg is our fave for a more relaxed evening with build your own burgers, craft beer and excellent wine.. we have to agree about Chutnify recently went and loved it 😀 And now you have given us many new places to try. Already we have our favourite places (like Poveracci – wonderful little Italian on Torstrasse) and some weekends we have to challenge ourselves to go somewhere new.. Thank you for some great suggestions and we love ‘I heart Berlin’ you are doing a fabulous job of sharing, celebrating and promoting this wonderful vibrant city – our second home ❤️

  40. Paul Bullard Says:

    Thank you for making the effort and producing a very nice article ,I’m English and have been 17 years in Berlin and I must say that I will be trying some of you recommendations ,ignore the haters they are not worth it ,

  41. Emma Says:

    Great list, thank you for putting it together and don’t let some of the aggressive comments discourage you (f.e. Ines) – what is the point of an insulting comment. If someone does not like the places on the list, don’t go there. This is a blog, not an official food critic – and even then the rules of politeness do apply!

  42. Ken Says:

    Thanks for the list. I visited Umami and had a GREAT dinner. It was super crowded on a saturday night so it took a bit to be seated. But it was well worth it. The bartender was mixing some pretty interesting looking drinks with mango and pineapple. Thank you for the suggestion! I also had sunday brunch at Betty ‘n Caty. While they were also very crowded on a sunday morning, they do take reservations. I was lucky to get a seat immediately at the bar, but several people who did not have reservations were turned away. A great find too.

  43. Sissy Says:

    Great article! Give us more like that!!

  44. Betty Says:

    Thanks for that list. If you are a real fish Lover, there is the LESENDRO a great spot to go with wild catch fishes from the mediterranean sea. The octopus is great there in all variations.

  45. princigalli Says:

    Thank you for for taking your time posting this list with excellent descriptions. It was very useful to me.

  46. Lou Says:

    HI there! Thanks for your blog! I’m doing a corporate event in Berlin and it sounds like you might have some good advice on where to go. For 50 people dinner / drinks in June.
    I have already on my list
    soho house berlin, politburo room
    das stue, the casual restaurant
    spindler & klat
    Any recommendations which are not on your list and in the middle of the city would be much appreciated!
    Thank you

  47. Sandra Riechert Says:

    Als Berlinerin kann ich bestätigen: Das Trentasei bietet eine tolle, moderne italienische Küche. Auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert.
    As a Berliner I can confirm: The Trentasei offers a great, modern Italian cuisine. Definitely worth a visit.

  48. Marcos Says:

    FYI – Dóttir is permanently closed now.

  49. PIotr Says:

    The same with Santa Maria Eastside – permanently closed by now. However there’s Santa Cantina just around the corner at Simon-Dach-Straße 22.

  50. Sebastian Says:

    “Mrs Robinson’s” is missing. Definitely a great place – maybe you should go for 15 amazing places and add it!

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