The Best Coworking Spaces In Berlin

photo: Mindspace

In Berlin – not only the capital of Germany but also of freelancing – it’s actually really hard not to stumble upon some kind of coworking space in your daily life. There are so many options that it might seem a bit overwhelming at times. There’s the sofa at home (added bonus you can stay in your pjs), the sunny café around the corner and of course the membership working with like-minded people. Digital nomad, freelancer, self-employed – whatever you want to call it, chances are that you are looking for a place where you can work on your own, but socialize and synergize with like-minded people.

Depending on what exactly you are looking for it may be more about the space for you, or maybe more about the people. So while you have the choice, make sure you really find the spot that’s all you. Where you feel comfortable and get your stuff  done at the same time. If you’re anything like me you may want to switch it up every now and then to get some variety into your week. If you haven’t found your hotspots yet, read on after the jump to see our list of recommended options.


Undebatably one of the larger coworking spaces in town, if not THE largest. Offering over 1500 square meters Betahaus can house about 200 co-workers in the space. And more than that, there is plenty of space for small or big workshops and meetings. Of course there’s a cafe, too. So if you want to check out the space first and see if the vibe fits you, why don’t you just try the cafe for a day or two. No membership needed to use this social space, and the wifi is obviously enabled. Memberships are pretty flexible and start at 15 € per day, or 89 € for a monthly contract.

Betahaus, Köpenicker Straße 154A (temporarily, until end of the year), Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 (from the end of 2018 onwards)

photo: Betahaus

St. Oberholz

With several locations across town, the one at Rosenthaler Platz is the largest Café and Co-Working Location in Mitte. Virtual Offices starting at 79 € and a monthly rate of 159€, which includes fancy extras like a St. Oberholz coffee blend and tea flat and a podcast sound studio.

St. Oberholz, Rosenthaler Straße 72a, Mitte

photo: St.Oberholz


Unicorn is a relatively new kid on the block. It’s a small space with no more than 15 permanent desks (rentable for anything from half day to monthly) but also has a no-membership cafe area serving fresh squeezes juices, vegan light food options and of course coffee. You can read a bit more about their cosy atmosphere on Daily Bread. Since 2016 there is also a new and bigger space further up the same street at Brunnenviertel.

Unicorn.Berlin Mitte, Brunnenstraße 173, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Unicorn.Berlin Brunnenviertel, Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen

photo: Ailine Liefeld

The Workspace

Located in a beautiful historic 19th century building at Victoriahöfe in Kreuzberg this workspace offers 58 desks across 13 offices, conference and meeting facilities as well as mail handling, scanning and printing services. You can either spend the day in the workspace café, CFL Canteen – €10 / day or get a workspace membership options, which start at just €45 a month for a flexible desk, or up to €250 for a fixed desk.

The Workspace, Lindenstrasse 20-25, 10969 Kreuzberg

photo: The Workspace


Agora is a Berlin based Collective that hosts people and collaborative projects based on a philosophy that reflects the values of its community: diversity, self-organisation and social ties. The work spaces that start at 16 € for a day and 184€ for a month are housed in a spacious and bright building across five floors, including a vibrant working room, a silent working space, a multifunctional room, a café and a garden. There is also a new space at Rollberg.

Agora, Mittelweg 50,  Neukölln

Agora Rollberg, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

photo: Agora


This huge co-working space located in an old warehouse in Oberschöneweide offers the perfect area for creatives that need more than an office with a desk. The bulding provides a great space for workshops, galleries, exhibitions and production – perfect for painters, designer, photographers and handy crafters to spread their wings and find some peace on the Berlin outskirts, located directly on the Spree.

Kaos, Wilhelminenhofstr. 92, Schöneweide


Blogfabrik is a brand new coworking space for content creators of all kinds including bloggers, youtubers, instagramers, photographers, videographers, magazines and journalists. Next to its big office space with permanent offices, temporary work places, big kitchen and conference room there is also a big event space including a professional photo studio. To be working at Blogfabrik you actually don’t have to pay rent, you pay your work space with articles for Dailybread a new online magazine from content creators for content creators. Pretty good deal, no? iHeartBerlin is currently working at Blogfabrik sharing a nice office with our colleague Sara from FindingBerlin.

Blogfabrik, Oranienstr. 185, Kreuzberg

photo: Christoph Neumann


The brand new Mindspace Berlin is the Soho House of co-working spaces. Just opened in the beginning of April the Berlin office is already the third location of this project which comes originally from Tel Aviv. Its location inside the fancy shopping mall The Q at Friedrichstraße already suggests a quite design-heavy and luxurious kind of space which probably attracts let’s say “more successful” freelancers and young businesses, but also big international companies. As part of their service you will not only get a highly equipped work place but also networking events, free rental bikes and rebates in many external services.

Mindspace Berlin, The Q, Friedrichstraße 68, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

photo: Mindspace

Factory Berlin

No matter if you are part of a start up, a large corporation or a freelancer, Factory represents a mind-blowing working experience. With over 16000 square metres at your disposal, you have the opportunity to take the most out of best-in-class technology, connections and the interaction with ample and diverse talent. How can you say no to that?

Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, Berlin-Mitte

photo: factory berlin GmbH


If you wonder how it feels like working at WeWork in Berlin, simply look at the pictures on google images and multiply it by 100. With offices from the States to Australia and from Israel to HongKong, it comes as no surprise that WeWork hosts some of the top professionals from every realm.

WeWork Sony Center, Kemperplatz 1, Berlin-Tiergarten.

WeWork Hackescher Markt, Neue Schönhauser Straße 3-5, Berlin-Mitte.

photo: WeWork Berlin Sony Center

A more detailed listing of coworking spaces all over Berlin shows this handy map by Settle in Berlin:


Do you know any more amazing co-working spaces? Let us know in the comments below.

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on December 3rd, 2015
updated on September 24th, 2018
in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln, Tiergarten

16 Responses to “The Best Coworking Spaces In Berlin”

  1. Sam Says:

    I currently sit in the coworking space at Factory Berlin! It’s really awesome, great crowd, plenty of friendly faces and a plenty of perks.


  2. Holly Says:

    I recently had a small event at Roof Up in Schoneberg. The space is large, light and has plenty of outdoor work space on the roof for those nice warm days. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the location is near transit, bars and good restaurants too. Check it out!

  3. Fanette Says:

    We actually are opening a coworking soon, and will be hosting events too. You can subscribe to the newsletter on and will be notified when the website – and by extension, the coworking – is open !

  4. René Says:

    Co-up in Kreutzberg (right near Kottbusser Tor UBahn) is really wonderful too. They do a LOT for the Berlin community.

    Including this brilliant thing… “To help close the gender/race gap in IT, we’d like to support people in underrepresented groups in tech by offering a number of discounted memberships for women, POC, queer/trans people, & people affected by classism.” —

  5. Holger Says:

    Take a look at inexpensive, short contract periods, an easy and friendly atmosphere

  6. Joeri de Zeeuw Says:

    I’m working now at Enklave (! It’s a great coworkingspace in Neukölln, desks are good, people are nice and always fresh baked cookies 🙂 . It’s in contrast to the most coworkingspaces a real community. They are doing a community-lunch on monday where a coworker cooks for everybody, there is a group who are going for a run on wednesday and they have a beertasting every fridayafternoon so you can get to know the other coworkers.

  7. Michael Says:

    If you are searching for more coworking spaces in Berlin, so here they are: You can also find furnitured Apartments if needed!

  8. Oda Says:

    The best venue for meetings, workshops and offsides up to 15 people is Guice, the creative space in the Zionskirchstr.63, next to the Rosenthaler Platz.
    You have the hole space on your own for small money.Really nice hosts and great located in the heart of Berlin..

  9. Ollie Says:

    I work over at Noize Fabrik in Alt-Treptow/Neukölln. They have a large co-working space dedicated to people in the audio industry. Because of this, they have 3 music studios perfect for people like myself who do audio-book voice overs and need both a treated room and a productive place to work.

    Roughly the same price for co-working per month than all the other co-working space in the area (if not a little cheaper…!)

  10. Britta Says:

    My favourite coworking space was “Pulsraum” at Kottbusser Damm (Neukölln, But there are heaps of new nice places too. I think it depends on the area and the crowd, where its best to join. I don’t like to travel 50 min to work 🙂

  11. Jannis Says:

    My favorite co-working space is Thinkfarm Berlin. It’s a self-organized space for ecological or social businesses, start-ups, researchers and NGOs. And it’s actually having some free desks at the moment. So check it out:

  12. Ori Says:

    I had a very negative experience with Enklave. For some reason they are treating members very bad, being clueless with their deposits and generally displaying a very strange behavior when it comes to other people’s money. Think twice before you go there.

  13. Danny Miller Says:

    I used to work at Office Club in Prenzlauer Berg for almost two years before leaving the city. Met some great people there incl. the staff (hey Betti!) 🙂 The place itself is great too if you’re looking for a cosy, friendly atmosphere

  14. Bastian Says:

    Ikonic Studio is a crossover of craftsmanship and digital media on two floors of an old industrial Loft in Berlin Neukölln. The Studio is an unconventional and stylish office space with creatives from different fields. On two floors you find a fully equipped fashion atelier ( altendorfer-studios), a motorcycle workshop (Ikonic-bikes), and a professional Photostudio. The Team is super nice and will show you around. Schedule a free Trial day and check it out.

  15. Bastian Says:

    here you go:

  16. Thomas Meyer Says:

    Already startet to blog about good recommendations in Berlin for Coworking spaces!
    In Berlin geht Coworking gerade so richtig ab. Ich habe bereits viele Anbieter getestet und meine Erfahrungen unter niedergeschrieben. Die Anbieter unterscheiden sich immens. Ich bin gespannt wer sich auf lange Sicht durchsetzen kann – bin mir aber sicher, dass Coworking die New Work Szene in den kommenden Jahren deutschlandweit extrem prägen wird.

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