Berlin Gone Wild in the 80s – New Order’s New Video

“If you can remember the 80s, you weren’t there”, says the slogan of the Berlinale success B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin. Watching the video to the new single ‘Singularity’ by New Order, you get an idea why. The night scene of the 80s in West Berlin was raw, fueled with drugs, and filled with musicians. The times were agitated and the nights were long.

The band from the UK seems to process some of these memories in their newest music video from their 2015 album Music Complete. And they used footage from the iconic B-Movie in it, edited to the song perfectly. Get a glimpse of the good old days and see the new music video right after the jump.

screen captures: Singularity / B-Movie

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on February 23rd, 2016
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2 Responses to “Berlin Gone Wild in the 80s – New Order’s New Video”

  1. Florian Says:

    The video makers don’t seem to have realized that the footage from still no. 6 (“Partei Freies Berlin”) actually shows a Neonazi symbol, the odal rune. Very likely, this graffiti was made by members of the 1970s/1980s Neonazi youth organization Wiking Jugend (modelled after the Hitler Youth, and the training ground for many people who made careers as militant Neonazis in their later adult life). But since Wiking Jugend was banned in Berlin due to the same Western Allied laws that also banned the NPD and other Neonazi parties in West Berlin, they probably used “Partei Freies Berlin” as a camouflage name.

    Just an example of how this video is completely senseless West Berlin porn. Many people who sprayed the wall were from the extreme right, btw. – the radical left had a more ambiguous relation to it because of its own ambiguous relation to Eastern German communism.

  2. joe bentley Says:

    It was a shte film just looks like Nuekolln .
    The sex pistols song that was filmed here.
    Holiday in the sun.

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