The 10 Best Berlin Blogs and the Bloggers behind them

Already 10 years ago iHeartBerlin started as Berlin’s first city blog written in English. 10 years of telling stories and anecdotes, gathering information and guide you through the messy versatility of living in the capital. We’re basically the mother of all Berlin blogs. At this point, we’d love to claim that we were the only ones with such a clever idea, but of course, that is not the case. The competition never sleeps and Berlin blogs are numerous by now. Still, we’re all united in our love for this freakin’ city. So, let’s forget about competition! We want to introduce you to our favorite colleagues.

City Guides & Lifestyle:

Finding Berlin

Sitting next to us at Blogfabrik and therefore naturally the closest to our hearts: On Finding Berlin Sara Charrour documents her journeys through the capital and around the world, always equipped with her camera and a sassy headline already in mind.



Love from Berlin

A fusion of a blog and an online magazine – a Blogazine! On Love from Berlin US-expat Rae Tilly shares her personal, gentle view on Berlin through text and photography since 2012.




The one and the only, the best blog you will ever re… Yeah, ok stop. But, what is iHeartBerlin? That’s 10 years of loving Berlin, writing about the coolest places, events and people, sharing stories of the life in Berlin and its sometimes crazy inhabitants. That’s a large chunk of daily curiosity, a big package of passion, a pinch of artsy, sexy queerness and one little spark of absurdity.




If we’re the mother of all Berlin blogs, then StilinBerlin is the father, or the other way around (however your gender fluid preferences are). Marry Scherpe started her fine blog a year before us as a street style blog, but later ventured into the world of food making transforming her blog the number one culinary guide for Berlin.



Cee Cee

Cee Cee, that’s “seekers, explorers, savvy net-surfers and world travelers”. Since 2011 the team around founders Nina Trippel and Sven Hausherr sends their recommendations and tips about Berlin right into your mailbox every Thursday making it the first “blog” that comes automatically to you. Over the years they have also released a couple of beautiful guide books about Berlin.



Mit Vergnügen

Our colleagues writing in German started as a kitchen project in 2010 and since then the Mit Vergnügen team takes pleasure in telling you all the things that are happening in Berlin. And, since 2014/16 they even do so in Hamburg and Munich. Soon the rest of the world will be conquered.



Berlin Loves You

A team that loves Berlin and loves you and that’s why they wanna show you around town. Berlin Loves You is written by a collection of Berlin-dwellers from different backgrounds, with one thing in common: they love this city. It’s a platform about stories of people, places, news, tips or what else is fascinating in the capital right now.



Awesome Berlin

Founded by Brazilian expat Tulio, Awesome Berlin focuses on everything that’s, well, awesome in the city, giving you tips on events, nightlife, bars, restaurants, neighborhoods or gay life in Berlin.



Berlin Ick Liebe Dir

If Mareike and Judith love one thing than it’s the versatility of dining in Berlin. So, if you are also a food lover looking for recommendations, Berlin Ick Liebe Dir is the right address for you.



Notes of Berlin

A tribute to Berlin in small notes, hilarious at times but also touching. Notes of Berlin shows us the true character of our city day by day.

GIF: Schall & Schnabel


And since 10 is not a number high enough to sum up the best Berlin blogs out there here comes the bonus part of our listing, in two categories: foreign language Berlin blogs and Berlin neighborhood blogs. Enjoy!

Foreign Language Blogs

Berlijn Blog

You don’t speak Dutch? Well, then “Wat leuk dat jullie meer willen weten over!” might not make a whole lot of sense to you. But, Marjolein’s Berlijn Blog is aimed at all the Dutch speaking Berliners or Berlin lovers out there. Since 2015 her Berlin guide “Mijn Berljn” is also available in print.



Berlino Magazine

The Berlino Magazine creates a cultural bridge between Germany and Italy, not only in written form, but also through the True Italian food events, as a language school and a communication agency. INCREDIBLE!



Il Mitte

Il Mitte exists since 2012 and is the first online magazine for all the 26.000 Italians living in Berlin. Germans might only understand “Stazione” though (and you are really German if you got that bad joke).



Berlin Amateurs

the project was started by Maie Escorial and Paco Arteaga in 2010. Today Berlin Amateurs is a collaborative effort of 17 people, writing for all the Spanish expats living in Berlin about culture, lifestyle, events, and more, and all of that en Español!

Berlin Neighborhood Blogs


Yes, there is a lot going on in Berlin but Neukö shows that you can even fill a whole blog by just talking about Neukölln.



That’s our list for now. If you know of any more Berlin blogs we should know about, sound off in the comments below.

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15 Responses to “The 10 Best Berlin Blogs and the Bloggers behind them”

  1. Heather Says:

    For families this one is great:

  2. Ulrik Says:

    Wow, well done. Keep up the great work, you are inspriring us all 🙂

  3. Peter Kagerer Says:

    Und was ist mit … na gut, habe erst angefangen … gebt mir noch etwas Zeit. Aber: Einige Bilder aus diesem Blog sind ab 03. August 2017 in der Galerie Friedrichshain zu sehen “Ein Tag in Berlin – 30 Jahre danach”



  4. Lorenzo Says:

    You somehow missed one of biggest and smartest Berlin blogs: The Needle

  5. Sammy Says:

    Klasse Webseite interessante Themen. Berlin ist klasse war ich neulich besuchen.

  6. Yvonne Says:

    Hi Andy,

    das ist eine interessante Liste und es waren ein paar dabei die ich noch nicht kannte.
    In letzter Zeit lese ich sehr gerne die Artikel aus Catis Lifestyleblog:

    Vielleicht ist dies auch eine gute Ergänzung zu deiner Liste von Blogs aus Berlin oder einfach nur so ein Tipp von mir.

  7. Lars Friis Says:

    This Danish blog is missing:

  8. Emma Says:

    You can learn a lot about your boyfriend’s city by being in a long distance relationship. As an American I’ve been to Berlin countless times and decided to finally write a guide on what to do 🙂 Check it out if you plan on visiting Berlin!

  9. adson Says:

    Es gibt einfach so viel zu berichten. Und danke für die fremdsprachigen / expat Blogs. MAl schauen, wie sie die Stadt sehen =)

  10. Jules Says:

    This one is also awesome and great for informations about food and openings

  11. Sven George Says:

    Cooler Artikel. Nett verfasst. Grüsse aus Zehlendorf. Nette Liste. Danke euch.

  12. Florian Says:

    For all the French speakers (that are (often 🙂 ) bad in English), check this french cultural agenda every week on !

  13. Martina Says:

    And for the fans of analogue photography, portraits and street style of Berlin a new photo blog

  14. Pritha Says:

    For a unique blog post on Berlin –

  15. Simon Says:

    Thanks for a good list, nice with inspiration when travelling.
    But think this site is missing: 😉

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