A Puppetry of Dark Ballet at Staatballett Berlin

A Puppetry of Dark Ballet at Staatballett Berlin


Are ballet dancers just puppets hanging on the strings of their choreographers? Unable to act on their own will, damned to display moves that others have pushed on them. And what happens if the dancers cut their strings to roam the stage. Chaos or beauty? Or maybe a dark combination of both?

In the new trilogy of Staatsballett by Gentian Doda, Marco Goecke, and Nacho Duato the dancers of the ballet company seem to be possessed by different spells of an old book. This triple-performance-night is the last contemporary premiere of the director Nacho Duato who is leaving the Staatsballett next season. And if you think ballet is family friendly amusement, you will rethink that after seeing this trilogy. It has even an age limit not allowing children in the audience.

For this particular night of exceptional dance, we are giving away 2×2 tickets to our readers. Find out how after the jump.

In Gentian Dodas “Was bleibt” the Albanian choreographer questions the concept of symmetry by the unconventional use of space designed by the Japanese designer Yoko Seyama.  The bodies of the dancers create a turmoil of shapes on a stage filled with shadows and strings. The whole piece is accompanied by the electronic music of Joaquin Segade. Even though you get a glimpse of faces and characters, the whole ensemble disappears in the anonymity of the group. We are one and one is all, seems the bodies try to express while attached to the strings of destiny.

Was bleibt

The dark “Pierrot Lunaire” by Marco Goecke is exactly the opposite. Hard symmetric shapes and atonal music from Arnold Schönberg with even more eclectic lyrics. This piece is especially striking because of the soloist Konstantin Lorenz who’s sculpted body tinted in white and changing colors seem to redefine darkness and light. He is easily the most powerful performer of the whole trilogy.

Pierrot Lunaire

The final piece “Por Vos Muero” by Nacho Duato is like a ghost ball from an ancient time. Beautiful Spanish music from the 15th and 16th century is the background to the dancer’s performance. This piece is the most feminine and delicate of the evening showing off the articulate skills of the Staatsballett ensemble.

Por Vos Muero

If you want to win 2×2 tickets for the Sunday, May 27, 2018, please leave a comment below until Saturday at midnight. Good luck!

Doda | Goecke | Duato
Choreography by Gentian Doda, Marco Goecke, and Nacho Duato

Shows on May 27, June 01, 08 & 25, July 04, 2018

Komische Oper, Behrenstraße 55-57, 10117 Berlin-Mitte



Below a couple of more photos from rehearsals by Paulio Sovari.



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  1. natalia Says:

    wooow, I’m in, wanna go! looks fantastic.

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    my sis anke and i would love to see it…
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    Fan of Goecke after seeing Nijinski at Berliner Festspiele. As a poor recent graduate, I’d would love to win these tickets!

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    Great text and seems like a fascinating show

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    Dance the pain away.

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    ❤️would love to see this❤️

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    Gathering my karma points to win those tickets

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    I want to take my girl to see this!

  9. Gabriel Says:

    I want to take my girl to see this

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    Dance always affect me. I have been growing looking dance performance, because my beautiful sister, she dedicates always her life of this wonderful art. I love dance, dance is like poem, you can like or like not, but if the performer act deeply his role, he/she will leave a trace on your heart forever.

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    This looks incredible! I’ve never seen pieces by Doda or Goecke and would love to 😬😍

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