We live in Berlin and we heart it so much that we have to share our love for it by running this blog. Here you find reviews and tipps if you visit or live in Berlin and want to know how to find the good stuff. From restaurants to shops, from theaters to art galleries, from concerts to party, from places to people.

iHeartBerlin.de was founded by Frank R. Schröder and Claudio Rimmele in 2007 making it the first major Berlin-themed lifestyle blog. Over the years a lot of equally passionate writers and photographers contributed to the success of the blog, including Suz, Jens, Diwa, Milli, Devid, Skylar, Olga, Yori, Yasmin, Valerie, Nikos, Lia, Keith and Kate.

Currently our writing and design team is made up of: Michalina Gorajek, Stella Manouseli, Andreas Dohmen, Berk Karaoglu and Alicia Kassebohm.

Frank by
on July 12th, 2007

24 Responses to “About”

  1. Sunshower Says:

    I love you site! Keep up posting and don’t get lazy…. xxx

  2. Ivana Says:

    Hallo!!! this is Ivana from Italy and I really like your website Frank, Well
    Lot of kisses

  3. Anna Says:

    Lieber Frank,
    mein Gott die Zufälle purzeln nur so…ich hab gerade ein Buch bei Thalia gekauft und auch so eine DVD von Pass auf mich auf erhalten, gegoogelt und vieles nachgelesen. Dann hab ich den Polylux Beitrag gesehen und sehe dich. Nun, falls du dich erinnerst, ich bin Anna, und hab mit meiner Mutter dich und deinen Freund auf Sardinien im Auto mitgenommen 😉 den hab ich bereits in der Uni getroffen. Wahnsinn wie klein die Welt ist. Übrigens – bei der DVD hab ich wirklich erst eine kleine Panikattacke bekommen…
    also, liebe Grüße ausm PBerg

  4. Sven Says:

    Euer Blog ist toll, macht Spaß das zu lesen und gibt es auch nicht in dieser Form.

    Ganz großes Tennis. Bitte damit nicht aufhören.

  5. Dre Says:


    Thanks for your comments on the IHT Globespotters blog. Glad to read you liked it and thanks for not being as brusque in your blog suggestions (as the charming Lisa Richmond might was). I’m aware of B&B and almost started to write more on Berlin’s transition (post-B&B) from overhyped fashion capital to IMG-sponsored reality. But I wanted to keep it short and sweet and keep the service element the focus of the entry.

    Take care. I’ll be back for sure ..


  6. andrea Says:

    Hi Frank,
    back in Los Angeles, I’m rewinding and replaying my inner Berlinale film, and I wanted to say hi, and thank you for the great post and those pictures. Oh yes, I heart Berlin, too, and your blog is wonderful and makes me want to come back ASAP.
    All the best,

  7. Tommy Says:

    schönes Blog aus meiner alten Heimat.
    Da schaue ich doch mal öfters vorbei…

  8. Valerie Says:

    Hi, ich bin zufällig auf eure Seite gekommen und finde sie toolll.
    I heart Berlin too!
    Bin gerade erst (bzw. vor einigen Monaten) hierher gezogen und es gibt vieles zu entdecken…
    Wwerde öfter eure Seite besuchen um mich informiert zu halten 😀

  9. Danielle Says:

    ich finde Deiner Seite auch toll!! weiter so…

  10. Kai Says:

    Great website very clean and easy to navigate. i really enjoy your writing style. im looking forward to your new blog posts. you have given me so many great places to visit since ive been here in berlin

    keep it up!

  11. Lady Lützen Says:

    Great blog!!

  12. HARFEN-ENGEL Says:

    endlich habe ich es geschafft, die about seite anzuschauen und muß sagen: super!schöne fotos!!!!!!!-das die restliche seite auch schön ist, ist doch klar! freue mich immer, wenn ich etwas herumstöbere hier.
    plinplingpling simonetta

  13. Bo Says:

    Fantastic! Just found your blog and already lovin it! – Thank you for sharing the good stuff 🙂

  14. rep Says:

    “and she has the one or other story to tell”
    yur inglisch is pritty owa se topp! se formjuläischns arr totälli räd!

  15. LOLA Says:

    i love your site. very artsy. good work ❤

  16. Sara Says:

    Oh mann, wird die seite eigentlich immer schlechter? dachte schon es liegt an mir aber die fehlenden Kommentare …
    Au revoir iheartberlin … war sehr schön … anfangs.

  17. Abortion Says:


  18. Michelle Says:

    Hi there, do you have an enews I can subscribe to? Thanks

  19. Buddybeers.com Says:

    Awesome site! Keep up the engaging articles. I also heart Berlin.

  20. Oliver Says:

    Yes, love the site guys!!!! Keep up the fantastic job you are doing.This is exactly what Berlin needs…..such passion! Well done.

  21. Tasneem Dustagheer Says:

    Dearest people!

    Thank you for your beautiful website, its always a lovely read!
    I have moved to Berlin last year in August, and have been loving every second since!
    I was hoping to know whether you sometimes want articles from contributors. I have a degree in Mass Communication, completing a Praktikum here in Berlin for an online magazine and would love to participate in your magazine in any way I can.

    Please write back because iHeartBerlintoo! 🙂

    Kind regards
    Tasneem Dustagheer

  22. piedad Says:

    hallo…¿tiene algún magazine o recopilado sobre Neukolln? Gracias. Soy fan de su página!

  23. David (artnight.co) Says:

    Hey chaps, maybe your readers would be interested in our Halloween DIY workshop?

  24. KG Says:

    Thanks for your blog and thanks for taking the time to post it in English too. I’m new to Berlin and always looking for great new restaurants and cool things to do.
    Please keep keeping on – and letting us know of all the cool things going on in Berlin.
    Thank you!

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