Don’t You Touch My Boyfriend!


One of the new pleasures I get thanks to my new T-Entertain package that I have the honor to test drive for a couple of months is MTV Music, a music channel that only plays videos and these quirky little animations that MTV has been known for in the ninties. It is so nice to actually see some music videos again after all these terrible reality shows and ringtone commercials had me totally abandon music television for several years now.

Of course there are a couple of songs in the rotation that started to annoy the shit out of me after a while which include Leona Lewis’ Forgive Me, Madonna’s Give It To Me and Kid Rocks Sweet Home Alabama (nice mix, huh?). But a couple of other are really nice and my absolute favorite is Boyfriend by Danish newcomer band Alphabeat. Musically and visually it’s pretty 80s pop, but in a good way. It’s a really fun song and a cute video. See for yourself after the jump. But be warned, hands off of her Boyfriend!


A friend of mine just saw them live in Stockholm and confirmed that they are really fun performers. Unfortunately we missed the gig they just played in Berlin 🙁 Did any of you guys see them?

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