Stil Vor Talent Party Review

Red Robin

Red Robin

On Friday October 31st, the Berlin based label Stil Vor Talent celebrated its third anniversary at the Watergate. Some of the label’s most important acts performed: Philip Bader, Oliver Kolektzi, Format:B and Red Robin. As expected, there was a long cue in front of the club. But waiting was worthwhile. The party was amazing.

Philip Bader started quite early on the Waterfloor. His performance alone would have made a great night out. During his set we were reminded why we normally don’t go to the Watergate. The audience can be – to put it nicely – quite strange. For instance there were these American tourists that were screaming „Come on, come on, come on!“ and „Let’s go, let’s go!“ all the time. Luckily, they realized after a while that Berlin is not Daytona Beach, Florida, and that their spring break modus is somehow out of place.

Stil Vor Talent Party at Watergate

Photo by Channel X

On the main floor Oliver Koletzki was playing from 3:00 am or so. At this time the Watergate was completely crowded and the atmosphere a bomb. One of the highlights of Oliver Koletzki’s set was Paul Kalbrenner’s track „Gebrünn Gebrünn“, which you might know from the movie Berlin Calling. After that we were enjoying the live performance of Format: B. The atmosphere got even more euphoric and increased when they played tracks as „2quite“ or “Widow Maker”. The people were cheering to their perfect party music.

Additionally there was Red Robin playing a several hours long set on the Waterfloor, which was the perfect ending for this incredible party.

The next Stil Vor Talent party will be on January 2nd 2009 again at Watergate. More here.

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