The Institution for better Girls

Julia Zange by Christoph Schemel

photo by Christoph Schemel

This lovely young lady up there is Julia Zange. You might have heard from her if you’re the reading type, as she released her first book last year at Suhrkamp. It’s called The Institution for better Girls and was quite the success I hear. So, tomorrow she will be doing a reading of her book at the gorgeous Coma Gallery in Mitte. And as if her charming presence wouldn’t already be enough she will also be accompanied by lovely harp music performed live by Claudio Cherubin. And the best thing: the event is for free. More infos after the jump.

UPDATE: I uploaded photos of the reading to our flickr account. It was a quite fashionable night.

Julia Zange - Die Anstalt der besseren Mädchen

Click on the cover to buy the book.

Coma Gallery

Julia Zange reads Die Anstalt der besseren Mädchen

18.02.2009, 21 h, free entrance

Coma Gallery

Leipziger Strasse 36 / Charlottenstrasse 24

10117 Berlin

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