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Chicks on Speed

We are so fashionable! Berlin, far away to be a Paris like fashion hotspot, not because it’s not as good as Paris but because it is different. Berlin fashion isn’t made by a handful of boring aged designers, it is created by the people on the streets, in the clubs and by some unconventional designers. If you suffer from the odd fashion overdose just like I do, take a rest and enjoy a bombastic party weekend, with or without fashion, you chose!

The Midsommar Festival, made in Sweden and presented by Villa based fuc, is offering us an awesome line-up at Jannowitzbrücke on Friday till Sunday. It’s indoor and outdoor with 4 stages, lounging and some food. They also promise wild madness in cups, not that some of you would need it. Take a look at this line-up, man ( only a short excerpt, though): Chicks on Speed (live!), Ian Pooley, Gianni Vitiello, Les Titz Grands, Jack the Rapper, Rampa, Sebo, Demir and Seymen, Süß und Sauer, Cinthie and so many more! The running order can be found here. More parties after the jump.


On Saturday there is another Sirius event at Raum 18 in Neukölln (Ghetto Alarm no. 1 !!). Practise some Karate before going there if you believe the tabloids’ gossip. Ziegrastr. 18, near Hotel Estrel, the fortress of the fearless.

Blow the HipHop horn and move your bottoms to HipHop don’t Stop at Tube, Friedrichstr. 180, this Saturday where you’ll receive a warm smile by the lovely girls at the entrance (as long as you are lovely, too). Special Guest Amanda Diva pops over from the States to play live like Killa Kela, Data Mc and Ty will do, too. Jumpy himself as well as Dejoe will make you shaking your assets to tha HipHop sound.

On Saturday Urban Affairs extended, presents in this second edition, an International selection of world renowned Urban and Streetart artists. The festival brings together a young generation of artists who have chosen a new artistic path – how to negotiate today’s urban environment. The afterparty starts at ten, Gerichtsstr. 65, Wedding ( Ghetto Alarm no. two!)

Also on Saturday the Sameheads are doing another free entrance party and it starts at two pm!! with Emil doesn’t Drive and the other usual suspects like Kruton, Dsb and Rat dextrino at Schlesisches Tor, Falckensteinstr 447, 2nd floor, entrance via backyard.


Another Sunday Seance is up at Spreeterrasse. You’ve never been there? Man, hurry up, it is still new and next winter you’ll be proud to say that you were one of the first… Kaos, Massimiliano Pagliara, Moustache Mamas and of course, hosting Macaronic Duo are playing, the last ones will hopefully be well rested this time..!







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