Hardcore Capitalism


Tigerenten-coalition! Meaning for sure higher taxes, less welfare, less integration, less secrets, less freedom – capitalism at its best. When times are rough, you will have to party even harder, that is what people do during a crisis… The best places for this weekend after the jump


Blind Date Swingers Club with Mix Cd Exchange, Little Miss Luzifer, Drama Society and Mz Sunday Love (live)! It starts at 9 o’clock, the nearest metro station is U-Kurfürstenstraße, that is where the baby-and/or-junkie whores are working… so in case you are a good girl or boy right from the countryside, you better stay home. And if you don’t bring a mix-tape or cd, you are boring! Entry is free til 10.30.

Yeah, space-shit, we love it! People like us at Monster Ronson’s, this time with Gavin Russom, Kangos Stein Massiv, Salto Mortale, Jeffrey Sfire & Emil Doesn’t Drive. If you read this column carefully you now have an idea how exciting this is, since my former favourite dj and my nowtime favourite are playing both at the same party!!


Sameheads Airhead on two floors at Raum 18 in Ziegrastraße, Newköln with Invincible Scum live, Andy Blake, Kruton and Spacelex on floor 1 and on floor 2 Antoni Maovvi live, Emil Doesn’t Drive and DSB! For reduced price entry, just send a mail with your name to sameheads@hotmail.com before 18h on 03.10.09.

Picknick with Okay&Okay, Engtanzkavalier, Zb Issue without dancing in the yard this time…

Or shake it at Hip Hop Don’t Stop @ fancy Tube Station or (not so fancy) Awesome party at the Villa.







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