Checkpoint DreamYourTopia


This weekend you can finally dive into your own dreams. All you have to do is come to Checkpoint DreamYourTopia at Stattbad Wedding. It is a big art performance by Dutch artist Dadara. He is currently building the border checkpoint that you can see above into the pool of the Stattbad. Find out what happens on the other side after the click.




If you fill out this form and bring it to the checkpoint you might get permission to enter the Land of Dreams. But entry is not easy and you will have to make a little effort. You can also fill out the form on location, but taking your time at home and being creative will save you a lot of time and hassle.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday the border checkpoint will get covered in tags, graffitis and street art and in the end of the second day the whole border point will get destroyed. It’s the fall of the wall all over again. We will see what will be revealed behind those gates then…

Checkpoint DreamYourTopia

7.-8.11.2009, open from 12h (midday)  to 2h (at night)

Stattbad Wedding

Gerichtstr. 65

13347 Berlin

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