It’s not only about muscles!


Ariel Pink

This year’s festival summer has begun! Melt, Fusion, Sonar, Exit, highly commercial and non-commercial, organizers desperately hoping for good weather, constantly checking the weather forecast. Like last year we will provide an alternative party guide for those who can’t or don’t want to visit all these festivals. For this weekend I recommend gay-folks-from-villages-all-over-Germany-wearing-really-colourful-but tasteless-outfits-watching at the Berlin Christopher Street Day!


Swiss Kinki-Magazine celebrates at Mmx open gallery. Print the flyer to get in.


From Disco to House: Hdgd loves Ny at Ritterstraße 11. There is a password, that is smartly posted on Facebook, you’ll find it.

Party of Hate Magazine at The Villa with Dsb, Finn Johannsen, Zoran Zupanic, Brian Cares.

Muckefuck in the catacombes of Brunnenstraße 70 with Alle Farben, Drauf und Dran and more, also there is cinema from 21.30!

Another Arm&Sexy party in some shabby old pub in Neukölln.


Csd: 53 trucks full of hotties. They want you and you want them! And if you take a closer look, it’s not only about sex and muscles, there is still a political message.

Force Majeur is back, again with a nice line-up including Peak Nick from Italy, Knüppel, Cheers Chris, Illjuscha and Miami Moder. Ritterstr. 11. There is a password you need to say in order to get in. Perhaps you’ll find it on Facebook.

Kleine Reise presents We Play House label night with Red D and San soda. Free before midnight, 5 after.

Amüsemong presents Infinite Livez, My Name Is Claude with his poetic melancholic melodies and Bridge Markland at Bar25 Circus.


Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffitti play a concert at Lovelite.








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