Partyguide warmhearted


Freiwild at Edelweiss

Our weekly partyguide to all you freezing homies out there is coming up with warm advice. A guide to places that will warm hearts and souls or heat up body temperature, depending on the amount of booze and/or dance you’ll have. Put the granny blanket away, some Bailey’s into your tea and take a look after the jump:


The Hbc opens a new restaurant, a new bar and rooms. With French chansons, Maxence Cyrin (piano solo), and performance by Voin de voin and It Boys as well as dj Emil doesn’t drive, Em/e and Carlos De Brito!

Delfonic and motherfucking house music tonight at Farbfernseher!


The Samehead host an Eve Aperidivo, which seems a very sweet idea. They advice early coming and so do I. Taste some delicious wine and Italian food and if you always planned to pretend having an education, do it now. There will be music as well, by Decaydent from London and various djs such as Franz Underwear. Starts at 18.00, Richardstr. 10, Neukölln of course!

Henriette House with Ruede Hagelstein, Florian Schirmacher and Peak at Salon Zur Wilden Renate!


Art Market at Your mum, whole Saturday. Jansastr. 15!

Macht Euch Freiwild at Edelweiss with La Boum Fatale from Hamburg live, Pat Ferry, Enfant Terrible, Suz, Sophie and Weird Voice!

We can’t get enough part two at M.I.K.Z., Revalerstr. with djs Daniel Dreier, Axel Bartsch, Allle Farben, Robosonic and more!

Milkshake at Monster Ronson’s with Hedda and Tama Sumo!



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