The End of a Decade

The zero-years are over. Now it’s official: we can’t deny the third millennium. But what happened to Berlin in this past ten years. Was there an evolution from the Love-Parade to the Hate-Façade-city? Are we all just complaining about the Southern aliens invading our promised land? And where did all the Jews go? Oh no, sorry! That was an other chapter of German problems… But still mother gentrification is eating. And a lot of places lost their natural charm in the last ten years. Nonetheless I still believe that the magic of Berlin will preserve. In a way Berlin will always be like a Klaus Nomi performance. Bizarre, beautiful, tantalising and fucked up. And we will live in the myth of Berlin  going down the drain, and living, loving and dying with it. As good as possible. New Year’s kisses to everyone.

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