Youthful Partyguide

The Fountain of Youth

Young forever! New studies have proven, if you only dance enough, you’ll certainly age more slowly. A lack of sleep is also very useful. Or a sip out of the fountain of youth. Where you’ll find that one, I tell you after the jump:


La Mouche/The Barfly, a bar night at Soju Bar with Emil Angelov and Phuong Dan from Hamburg Pudelclub. 5 Euro still.

Tonight it’s in Berlin, the Jägermeister Wirthaustour. We announced it last week already, only a quick reminder. Puke your soul out after having a few Jägermeister, good boy!


Art Dinner  & Dance, a new night at Backyard (next to the Prinzenbad) with djs Alisa Zillmann&Nora Eisermann, the girls from Enklave with funny trash music, also playing: Suz with electronics and eighties. You can make it an early night when coming for the vernissage and the dinner (starting at 21.00)  or visit the party later on!

At Landsberger Allee 54 there is a Soli party, unclear is who is being solidarized with, but why not having a look at Rufreaktor with dj Knueppel and guest playing some Italo Pop!

Homopatik, fags on Sale at About Blank, as homo as it gets with Miriam Schulte, Razemat and more at About Blank!


Monthly Indoor Fleamarket at Sing Blackbird from 13-19 at Sanderstr.!

Drink the water of The Fountain Of Youth and party a life long! If you thought it would become calmer after the Villa closing, you clearly didn’t count on the Awesome team. They just organized this party at The Wilde Renate deep down in Friedrichshain with a looong line up including Adam Port, Evan Baggs, Funkenstrom, David Mayer, Sven Dohse, Schlechtboy and Suz. A secret, there is a real fountain and it’s not filled with water!

Carneball Bizarre at KitKatClub. If you wanna experience something really bizarre, have a night out at KitKatClub! Very muscular straight men from the area all around berlin city and girls wearing the most bizarre dresses and shoes are feeling very hedonistic while listening to music by Drama Nui, Maringo and Faufi. Ah, the KitKatClub back then was a hole of Sodom and Gomorrha in Glogauerstr., a dark alley, not quite the shiny Kreuzberg we are all used to nowadays.

Break 3000 Dirtcrew night at Farbfernseher with Disco, House and Techno!

A concert by Lysn in the cinema plus minimal psychedelic music at Hbc this Saturday!

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