Butts up for Party!

Kinky we are this weekend. Springbreak in Berlin, everybody’s free. Take the clothes off, get rid of wool jackets and socks and enjoy the exciting nights that follow a mild day. Party recommendations as ususal after the jump:


Not another benefiz I thought, but the Berghain is making a real statement by supporting Medicine without borders in the context of “the recent happenings around the globe “. The djs Steffi, Ellen Alien, Tom Clark, Nick Höppner and more play in the Panorama Bar and won’t get a payment. All the entry from the door will be donated so butts up for charity. This is warming my heart!

As English as it can be. You’re not to keen to see starving underage dumbasses making a fool out of themselves at tv and fashion bores you, then try out The Sameheads who are having their weekly pub quiz in Neukölln!

Armer Donnerstag in the Lenau Stuben with music by Lucy and Leila, furthermore billard, dart and flipper!


Renates Heimkinder means Renate’s orphans and you might become one of them after getting lost in one of the numerous chambers after this party with djs Anatol Sirous, Daniel Dreier and more!


The Fickfreunde – party caused misunderstandings from the start, since people were taking the invites as unwelcome spam, even became annoyed by the name und implications. Despite of being deleted two times by our earthly mother – of – rule – and – behaviour Facebook, the news about this very funny party spreaded even more and Fickfreunde meanwhile proudly present three love couples as a result of this party (next to numerous flings of course ). This time the Fickfreunde formed a coalition with Xberg’s young band Ena Wild who will be celebrating their 2nd birthday at backyard with a live performance and a big party til late. Djs are Alexandre Pleitier, Suz, Philly, Micu, Konrad K., Sunny and Fuchsberg. Chose a card, seek your partner, use the cabin and get a yummie free shot!

The weather forecast is promising and why not have a little Terrassenspaß at Chez Jacki behind Maria instead of hanging out in a shabby park guys. From 12 noon!

It’s fat, it’s very West Berlin, it’s Hhds at Tube Station. This month with Axum Prince of Persia and you Hhds hosts!

There is no time to regret at About Blank in Friedrichshain with Jennifer Cardini, Chica Paula, Fine Music , The Glitz and many more!


Goldenes Zeitalter at Golden Gate for those who can’t get enough with djs Süss%Sauer Herr Käfer and more!

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