Here comes the sun

Peaches G. at Last Days this Saturday

Well, we were expecting the opening of a new bar by the Spree, but it was postponed again. It’s okay, it’s not that we wouldn’t find a thousand other nice places to go to! Where Iam telling you after the jump:


If you hurry up you might enjoy free entrance at the caves of Sodom and Ghomorra, the Berghain. Planned until 8 pm today, so run!

Or the Frühlingslaute Open Air at K-Pax, until 23.00, Friedrichshain!

Junge Mädchen Vodka: Last Days’ main floor rocker Engtanzkavalier is playing tonight at Cookies’ Dreamlounge, no chance for Hip Hop Nazis!


Trendbezirk with the band Ena Wild and Massimilliano Pagliara at the club with the weird name My Name is Barbarella!

The Reisen macht den Kopf frei Open Air starts today at Kraftwerk Rummelsburg and goes on at Sysiphos until very late Sunday!


Fun: it’s time again for Last Days: flirty people, funny decoration, the prettiest bar girls and music that even drags the most boring wallflower on the dancefloor. This time it is Last Days of Peaches, the Geldof-Peaches, English it-girl, muse, Eli Roth’s (Hostel) girlfriend that is honoured. Emil Doesn’t Drive and Designer Vladimir Karaleev are playing as well as Beardear, Alisa&Nora (Enklave) and host Suz. Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr. or Moritzplatz!

Yo: Hip Hop Don’t Stop with Dj Premier, hosts Giampiero and Gabriel at posh Club Tube in Friedrichstr. Get out your fake chanel bags pretty ladies NOW!

Arty: the collective Dadathek presents Kita at Panke in Wedding and wants you to dress in bright colors, arts and music included!

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