Young, fresh and sexy: DIESEL DENIM Fuel for Life

It has been a while since we last featured one of the sexy campaigns by DIESEL DENIM, far too long actually! But today the jeans mega brand gives me three good reasons to do so: Not only did they get controversial star photographer Terry Richardson to shoot the new campaign, they also got my favorite model Marlon Teixeira to unbutton his pants. On top of that they re-invented their Fuel for Life fragrance and dressed it up in denim, which makes a whole lot of sense considering it’s a jeans brand…

As luck has it, DIESEL DEMIN asked us to review their new fragrance and we are happy to oblige. Young, fresh and new would be the easiest description for the Fuel for Life DENIM COLLECTION that is available now for boys and for girls. The Fuel for Life compositions have been upgraded with a few additional ingredients that make it extra sexy. What I like about it is the fruity part of it, for boys that would be raspberry and for girls mandarine and black current. I always liked the combination of fruit and meat…

And now for the fun part the new Fuel for Life campaign is also available in moving pictures. So go look after the jump to see Marlon and some hot blonde chick in various stages of undress while several gallons of splashy fragrance gets poured over them.

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