In The Heat Of The Night

Sick Girls

It’s sticky and hot and we won’t find sleep in the heat of the night. Oh and it’s full moon as well, ahh, that is why I practically spend the night staring at the ceiling. Perfect party conditions I’d say. Who needs sleep anyway? Parties after the jump:


Trendbezirk: at Farbfernseher, in Trendbezirk Kreuzberg, Blake Baxter is playing tonight, man!!!!!


Join Fun&Fair at the Samehead’s store in Richardstr., part of the 48 Hours Neukölln Festival. Just have a look what these creative expat guys prepared, it just cannot be boring, I promise.

Revolution No. Five, the Sick Girls’ party, presents Swindle at Horst Kreuzberg for a change. With Dj Maxximus!

Like it gay and 80s? Then join Frank’s photobooth at the Blitz party at Lux!


Artist group The Sameheads entertain us with Polanski Disco and Laurenz Micu as well as Paulo Chinatown, 3Euro!

At Renate you can do it “Oben Unten Überall”  and as long as you are able to, with music by Emil Doesn’t drive and more!

Dj Rolando, who released “Knights of the Jaguar” as a member of the enigmatic Underground Resistance crew, is playing at Berghain. This makes me thinking of me as a teen, standing in a record store at Alte Schönhauser Straße, trying to sing the melody of “Jaguar”. If you know the song, you might have noticed, there is none. The guy at Melting Point yet knew what I was talking about and since that day, I proudly call myself an owner of the original record, ha!

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