Legends, Decadence and Crazyness: a partyguide!


Party your transgenius decadent last days arm but sexy with Michael Jackson and les mads into the weekend where they play keine musik. What? Read more (and proper party tips) after the jump:


The KM010 release party takes place tonight at the Weekend rooftop terrace, with Adam Port, Rampa and the like, and will hopefullly become no “singing in the rain”!

Queer Aussi Chris might be struck by a Death By Decadence one day. Until this happens, he invites you to a fancy dress party, so get out that fishnet tights, hats and queer showgirl outfit and enter the Mädcheninternat in Prenzlauer Berg!


Beat It, Billy Jean, Dirty Diana, Liberian Girl, Wanna be starting something, Smooth Criminal : Michael has brought us a trillion good songs, but will we ever get over his death? His greatest songs and a lot of Indie, Electronic, Disco, Hip Hop, trash and 80s/90s will be played tonight at Last Days of Michael Jackson at Backyard in Kreuzberg. If you dress like him, Bubbles or someone out of his videos, it will surely be a quicker entry and the one or other shot for you!

Berlin Lacht, an International streettheater festival starts today on Mariannenplatz, lasting until Sunday. Clownerie, artists, acrobats and much more, so join the laughing from 16 – 20.00!


Watch out, cause it gets as gay as it CAN get at Csd Parade, the paradise of sin and pride for show off queers from the suburbs and villages — ooops. A party that might be a bit nicer than the whole parade – circus is the party guiding the transgenialer csd, a political side group of the original csd, taking place at Luzia in Oranienstr. from 20.00 on with Planning to Rock and more!

The talented Jessie of Les Mads joins Mtv’s Russian import Palina’s and her mentor-boyfriend Schowi’s party Yum Yum at Picknick in Berlin’s governmental quarter, Palina and Schowi also provide the music!

Arm&Sexy get back to the tent at Ostbahnhof and brought artist and dj Carsten Jost!


Mute Night at Berghain Cantine with S.C.U.M., Beth Jeans Houghton, Big Deal and more. Presale is 11, otherwise 14, the first 30 guests get the new Mute Compilation with songs by acts such as Grinderman, S.C.U.M., Mick Havey and the like. Entry from 20.00, start at 21.00!

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