Dancing in the Rain!

“Hannes” by Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke, opening of Lipstick & Icecream on Friday

The open air – season just goes on for a little while, so get yourself a pair of Wellingtons just as Kate did back than in 2005 on the festival, when it was Pete at her side, and show the rain your brightest lipstick-smile. The best parties for the coming weekend inside and outside, hot and wet, but never boring, right after the jump:


Join the aftershow party of the opening of Lipstick & Icecream, an exhibition showing the work of Berlin based photographer Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke, that takes place at the Backyard Gallery, next to the Prinzenbad. The aftershowparty starts at 22.00 with live acts such as Purple Eyelid, Krisiman and djs Emil Doesn’t Drive, Dermot and Cookies –  Sophie alongside model Doreen. Fun!


The Nation of Gondwana is a festival known to Berliners since ages, let me think, my first one was in 1999, when the Loveparade had become a joke, they all went over to drive out to the more undergroundy festival on the same weekend. It is therefore not clear to me, why there is such hate regarding the unevitable fact that the Nation (as it is gently called) has made it into Facebook. Honestly, it is still a nice festival and not sooo expensive. However, Iam not going anymore, I rather drive out to more underground ways, but I belong to that rare and extremely weird species of Berliners anyway. However, you’re getting cutty since I didn’t yet mentioned the price. Is that all you care about, you bloody old nickel nurser? Well, it’s 33 Euros!

Expatriarch is expanding with a new event series entitled Mort à la Différence, launching tonight at Chez Jacki, featuring Brooklyn’s Light Asylum and other live acts and djs. Let me quote this little text, I like it a lot: “Light Asylum is a metaphor for the lack of genuine self-expression in the world, where people suppress their sexuality, their creativity, their entire lives. This music is for them and for people to realize that they’re not alone.” Cute!

That sexy Tigeress blonde Sophia Brown is playing at Bohnengold, the nice Cafe with a backroom – dancefloor in the middle of our Trendbezirk Kreuzberg. Expect Soulful Electronics, House, Cosmic, Deep, Disco & Wavey Stuff!

Arm & Sexy in the Eierschale Zenner. The guys known for let’s say uncommon locations again have the party at that funny old people locality near Treptower Park with djs Ricardo Esposito and residents Delphine and 5050, yay!


Renate is having an after hour out of house, the exact location will be released on Saturday night, therefore save up some energy, the whole thing lasts until Sundy evening. Again for those who have been rocking since Thursday: Renate Oben Ohne, location still unknown, 10 euros at Renate’s box office between 18 and 21.00!

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