Sex with holy cows? – Herr von Eden Lookbook 2011

photos: Daniel Josefsohn

Did you know that Ghandi thought that sexual abstinence would preserve India from getting separated in several parts? In fact he even tempted himself by sleeping in the same bed with young female virgins without having sex or even body contact. Not so chaste is the new lookbook from German fashion label Herr von Eden by Daniel Josefsohn. I really like the British Dandy fantasy mixed with Boolywood taken to an absurd extreme point. And if you are not afraid of dicks you should’t miss the little clip that you’ll find after the jump along with all the pictures.

Herr von Eden

Alte Schönhauser Strasse 14

10119 Berlin

Open Mon-Fri 11-20h, Sat 11-18h

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