September Partyguide

Ena Wild

The summer hole only had an end and we are sliding into a crazy month. Berlin Festival, Music Week, Stattbad Reopening, Birthday Celebrations, but for now let’s get to this weekend’s parties, well considered after the jump:


Dadaland is bringing Trickski to Kater Holzig, also there of course, the Dadaguys Guillaume and Denis!


Cookie’s very active booker Norman Methner is playing at We Love Wax at Kater and Hunee the Hunch does it next to Quarion with hunchin music at Farbfernseher in XBerg. Nice ain’t?

Der Geheime Garten will be opened tonight at Revaler/Modersohn with Jazz, Funk, Gypsy and Swing music – right, it’s not always about minimal in Berlin Jersey kid!

Wilde Reise instead of Kleine Reise at Maybachufer 49 with djs who belong to Renate like Peak and Swift!


More glam is impossible: the poppers/rockers of Swedish band The Ark are giving a final concert before they split for good. There is no possible comfort for me as a fan of ten years, all good things have an end. Commercially oversuccessful back home in Sweden, the Ark never really made it in the rest of the world – unbelievable regarding the variety of Ola Salo’s voice, he used to be a singer in a musical and he is sexy. Festsaal Xberg, 20 Euro, after 23.00 it is 6 Euro for the I’m from Skandinavia party!

The Backyard has opened a year ago and celebrates a wild birthday tonight with old and new friends of that wonderful place next to the Prinzenbad. Moreover Villa – Leo Diamond turns 30 this night. Musical entertainment next to several surprises is coming by the fabulous Ena Wild live, the electronic band with hot frontie Ena, moreover ladie’s favourite Engtanzkavalier, two special electronic guests from New York, a Last Days floor with music out of your wettest dreams and many more. Gitschinerstr.22!

Bottoms up for Cocktail D’Amore, oohh, at lustrous Chez Jacki. Well, do I have to explain more, just have a look at the flyer, cock!


Noisekölln invites to the reopening of Raum 20, not Raum 18 indeed and strangely on a Sunday, but what is not strange regarding this event featuring Father Murphy, Strange Forces and Chinook Wind who are “taking inspiration from weird psychedelic music from all around the world their sound is a mix of psychedelia, kraut, afro beat and strange folk… they can bring the audience in a state of ecstatic acid trip”. Okay I’d say. Starts ninish, friendly, in case you have to show up at work on Monday!

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