The Future of the City…

How will the future of your city look like? Are we going to live in giant auto-sufficient and closed malls. Are we going to go back to nature cultivating tomatoes and salad on our rooftops? Will there still be an offline communication? Will there still be normal streets, playgrounds, parks and everything that makes our city unique?  Or will Europe become one giant city? A neverending concrete desert without a single tree in sight? These are a few of the questions the event series and online project smart urban stage tries to investigate. Starting last year  in May here in Berlin it now will find its grand finale this month with the last smart urban stage in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to go there to find out which are the best and most innovative ideas from eleven European metropolises. Check out the smart urban stage website to find out more and watch a sweet little teaser video after the jump to get the feeling for the project.

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