Certain Parties

Gazelle Twin

Look forward to the opening of a new series of events combining established and new artists named Certain People. It starts tonight at Berghain with several concerts and an afterparty at the Kantine. Certain other parties you’ll find after the jump:


Nottomiss – Certain People present a concert at good old Berghain by Planningtorock, Love Inks, Gazelle Twin & Creep!

A little more quiet but certainly with joy is the weekly Pub Quiz at The Sameheads store in Neukölln’s Richardstr., the deeper Neukölln, not the cosy one right next to Kreuzberg. With cash prizes for brains!


Nude Disco is hosted by Salto Mortale who is responsible for several night’s booking at Mitte – bar King Size. This time he is bringing Kater – residents Dada Disco, discoman Paolo Chinatown and more to another Mitte – place, the Ktv, U Zinnowitzer Strasse!


100 djs are playing 100 songs – smartly combined meaning 1 song per dj – at the Remmidemmi party at Festsaal Kreuzberg which features the 100 ” most beautiful ” djs in town. I should mention that the djs are allowed to play whatever song they want to, this makes it hard for them to pick. Sounds like fun with Cle, Die Atzen, Local Suicide, Tamara Moustache Mamas and 95 more!

French playgrounds: Hbc’s Playtime Grande Opening, a weekly event in which they invite different people and groups to host each of their different spaces – the basic idea is an unpredictable mixture of performers, DJs, installations and food every week. This week a cabaresque experience named Variete Verite with Alexander, G-DMother & Hedi Mohr and Marius Funk!

This months Arm & Sexy takes place at Club Miami with the usual djs plus Soundstream live and the usual nice crowd!

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