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A Walk through Mitte

It’s a bit like a wife swap what we have been doing, only that we are swapping our Kiezes. Last week Claudio showed you how he invited his Mitte girls over to his neighborhood in Friedrichshain. And this week I’ll show you the tour I did at the same day with my Friedrichshain friends over here in Mitte. On my tour through my district Mitte I have decided to go to the places that I personally frequent the most. This includes my favorite cafe for breakfast, the park that I hang out a lot in the summer, the restaurants I love to eat at and the contemporary art galleries that I like to visit.

It was a most pleasant experience to do all these things on one sunny day and share them with dear friends. It was interesting to see through their eyes what has become so familiar to me. At the end of the day we met up with Claudio and his friends to have dinner together and go for drinks to celebrate our little tours.

To make it possible for you to follow us on our tour through Mitte I recorded all of our steps with details, comments and photos on the Amble with Louis Vuitton iPhone App. Have a look at the photo gallery after the jump to be inspired. Download the Amble App to take our iHeartBerlin Mitte tour or record your own Amble.

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To get the details of all the places we have visited on this tour through Berlin Mitte have a look at the Amble with Louis Vuitton website or download the Amble App.

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