Weekend Partyguide (pre Christmas)

Everybody around me seems to be heartbroken. No surprise when you constantly listen to Lana and Adele! Turn off this turn off and get yourself into a party mood. The last weekend before Christmas is on and those naughty office Christmas celebrations are waiting that either let you wake up in the bed of a workmate you always used to trash-talk about – not anymore, after your poor performance. Or you move on to a club as very year, hammered already, only to behave like an idiot once again. Always the same with you. Don’t worry, just press the reset button on New Years eve, it will all be forgotten. As will be girl or boy who dared to hurt you. And now switch off that pussy-music. Parties after the jump:


As if a sign of heaven the place where all the heartbroken fools come together to catch a glimpse on one or usually five of their ex-affairs is open tonight: Broken Hearts Club. Conny and Ingrid won’t be too heartbroken when having a full house though!


JPeople Magazine is celebrating its 15th edition at Backyard in Kreuzberg. On the cover the hyper-in-malemodel Logan. Will he be there too? Music by Edmond Dantes (Berghain), Simon Schäffner, Sophia Brown and Suz!

Homopathik goes Manga at about Blank. No entry without leather trousers. But those with bare bottoms!


SemiDomesticated invites you to dance your socks off at the Mindpirates Vereinsheim on Falkensteinstraße 48, set by Lando Kal & Very Special guest, Anika, Easton West, 5,-!

Slowly slowly, Wedding gets its deserved clubs. HipHop Funk night at Panke: Ukg Bln in association with Bop Gun bring you a cosy evening of fried hip hop beats, boogie disco, electro funk, sexual r’n’b and the finest uk garage!

Traxx at Chez Jacki presented by Futura. This place is bringing along some fine stuff before it has to shut down!

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