No Half Measures

photo: Mount Mitte

Parties, concerts, art and fun in Berlin – you could say that this is a bit of our specialty here. Together with Relentless Energy Drink we were wondering, what you can actually do here in Berlin if you want to go on full throttle and make no half measures. We’re not looking for the usual coolness and understatement, but for a real thrill, racing heartbeat and adrenalin rush. I don’t think that funny GIFs, cupcakes and the Blitz party will do this time… But don’t worry, we wouldn’t be iHeartBerlin if we didn’t have an answer to this question, too. Our suggestions for some suspenseful entertainment after the jump.

photos: Jochen Schweizer

The first idea for an adrenalin rush that popped into my head was the base jump from the Park Inn Hotel at Alex. Unfortunately they are having their winter break right now. But close to Schönefeld Airport at the small marina there is a Bungee Jumping Station. Here you can jump into the depth while screaming your lungs out!

For a slightly more central thrill there is the Mount Mitte at Nordbahnhof. This adventurous climbing course in dizzying hight can be rented for groups of at least 20 people during good weather all year. Here you can perfectly re-enact various American action reality shows. For the GDR nostalgic there are even some old Trabbis embedded into the big construction.

photo: Mount Mitte

To also have an impressive program at night, I could suggest a couple of sex clubs and dark rooms, but maybe we should stay family friendly at this point… Just forget about lounging to soft electro music and goofing around to trashy pop hits. Try to get in synch with a drum&bass beat for a change. If you can keep up with the dance moves of some real drum&bass fans you’ll definately get your heart racing. You can do this for instance every Thursday at Cassiopeia at Revaler Straße in Friedrichshain.

And if all this seems to be too much of an effort for you, you should at least tune into the mixtapes of the Foreign Beggars and T.Raumschmiere or watch some exciting short stories on the brand new channel by Relentless Energy Drink. If you’re thirsty for more you’ll now get the chance to win your own supply of Energy for next year on Facebook. Cheers!

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