New Year’s Eve Party Guide

There it is: The last Partyguide of 2011. What first seems scary could be leading the way through a jungle of bad parties. We filter the good ones for you a´la what’s in is in. Or is not yet. Or will never be, who are we to tell you what’s in? Details on New Year Eve parties after the jump:


Cindy Wonderful and Still Ill present Queer Prom 2011 with tunes from Sloth Collective djs, Cheyenne Williams and Sarah Adorable at Monster Ronson’s, wear a porn outfit!

Sorry I mean prom outfit, prom, of course.


In collaboration with Emilxa Xuryłowicz, Cezary Zacharewicz and S&yM, Sloth Collective presents the official release of the new music video for Light Asylum’s Skull Fuct. The video will be screened at 09.00 pm + Fashion Film by Claire Kurylowski + dJs!

Okay, now this really is sad: Chez Jacki, the cosy place runned by a bunch of Frenchmen behind former Maria and by the water has to close down. What, you might say if you are a new-Berliner. For us it is just another club funeral. One day there will be only Watergate and Berghain left and we can hang ourselves. For this last dance Jacki has invited 10 of his best friends such as Daniel Wang, Halfsick and James Blonde to play. And who knows, he might be back at some other place, good old Jacki!

Then there is Deep Fried, the fourth edition, at About Blank with Maurice Fulton, Till Von Sein and more. Just follow the trail of keta techno desaster to Markgrafen Damm into the shabby Part of Friedrichshain, but watch out for dog shit please, we don’t want you to ruin the new sneakers you got yourself for Christmas, don’t we.


MmxII Your Alive Nye 2012 with Planningtorock dj set, Creep dj set, Proxymore and Felix, all hosted by Peaches at Mitte space Flamingo where the a cocktail costs you the amount you are usually ready to spend during a whole night my stylish but longtime broke fellow. The people here have a job. Fly high into 2012!

Kreuzberg: Backyard New Years Eve party at Gitschinerstr. with skating Artist and dj Dariuz Voltra live, Konni Langert of Heimatlos and Suz, host of Last Days in between art and confetti at Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr or walk from Moritzplatz!

Leap-BPigs Fundraising Masquerade Ball also in Mitte with Antoni Maiovvi on the decks, m.e.s.h. and dju dju on crack. You can get your tickets online by donating here or by paying in cash by coming by to LEAP between 12:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday (No physical tickets will be issued your name will be put onto the event list)!


Prince Charles goes for the day after and Smiles in 2012, so if you’re still awake and don’t hang out at Pannobar, get a fat technoid line-up and help to pay the djs with your piece of entry at the door. Round Table Knights and dozens of others on the first night of 2012!

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