The Year’s First Partyguide

Alley Cat

Miserable miserable party life. Drum ‘n Bass relict Icon gives up and celebrates the last big night. Well, they still have Gretchen. What else is on this weekend plus how you can win tickets for What Club, right after the nasty jump:


Dark Youngsters S.C.U.M. from London are having a gig at Hau, btw the attractive singer is the boyfriend of scandalous Peaches, daughter of Bob Geldof!

Pierre, one founder of What and Mit Vergnügen and and and is celebrating his birthday at his very own What Club and names it Pierreversion or something and you can win tickets on our Facebook event page, watch out!

Juiced or Get Juiced at Mitte-Flamingo with sprayer Nomad und Party Arty-Yaneq. Rare selection of vintage Disco, Afro and Modern Soul plus a brand-new room installation for the lounge!

The Dirt Crew is playing All Night Long at cosy Farbfernseher that gets so crowded at a certain point, it’s like inside the SBahn being too late on a Monday morning!

Sweat Love Dance with Paulo Chinatown who is playing all night long at Neukölln’s Loophole! Expect hypnotic Afro Bongos, early 80s, Wavey Italo, Balearic Popstuff and more!


Recycle, the last ever drumN’bass party at Prenzlauer berg based Icon Club. The guys who are also running Gretchen have to leave by the end of the month and this will be the last night of that kind, including national and international guest djs such as Dom & Roland (Dom & Roland Productions/UK), Klute (Commercial Suicide/UK), Ulterior Motive (Metalheadz/UK), Lynx and Alley Cat from UK and many more!

Droben Drunten Drüberall, that is how you feel at 8 in the morning at Renate, guided by sets of David Dorad, Jake the Rapper, Axel Bartsch, Beaner and more!


A Little More you will need if you party from Friday to Sunday. Symbionten at Golden Gate and with David Dorad, The Second Mood, Peter & Pan!

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