Jam & Toast – Vintage Fair Berlin

Toast & Jam

photos: ichbineinbaum.de

Saturday is the perfect day for flea markets. But with today’s rainy weather the Toast & Jam was the perfect alternative. The Vintage Fashion Fair took place for the first time ever in these last three days. Fashion, furniture and accessories from various decades are for sale and finest Vintage Couture pieces are on offer next to no-name knitted jumpers. Exberliner magazine and Nowkoelln Flowmarkt initiated the Vintage Fashion Market and promise: „Bygone trends will be rediscovered.“ Anne Poprausch, winner of the Vintage Smackdown, was one of the 30 selected sellers „I am thrilled“ she told us „ I didn’t think the Bread & Butter crowd would come to see us, but the two worlds actually mixed. I’d definitely do it again, if I’m invited!“

And we´ll certainly come back. Because instead of wasting the day going from one place to the other, we loved having more time to browse! Check all info about the sellers, party and of course all our photos after the Jump.

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photos: ichbineinbaum.de

Check out the Toast & Jam website www.toastandjam.de

Selected sellers:

Anne Poprausch’s blog : www.driftwood.de

Vintage Glasses : www.lunettes-brillenagentur.de

Vintage Clothes: www.schuhtutehemd.com


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