The Weekend Partyguide ( Springtime )

It’s coming, it’s practically here, the weekend and with it finally spring. Life couldn’t be better, a weekend filled with parties and sun. Wake up you marmot, go outside, soak in some air, polish these dancingshoes. Get Madonnarized, 83sized, piratized. Where to go right after the jump:


20 Years of Intro Magazine with Mike Skinner, Mouse On Mars, Maximo Park, M83 and more at Columbiahalle and Columbia Fritz!

Cube Club Opening in Neukoelln, for some reason it is called secret club opening though promoted all along the way. Cotumo is playing, furthermore Nu, Larsson and others, it’s free at Rollbergstr. 26!

Another opening is Bi Nuu, situated at the old left wing meeting point Kato. Bi Nuu is just another project of the one doing Lido, you can expect a lot life stuff and competition to Festsaal Kreuzberg, just guessing. Tonight DAF are playing life, the Germans were one oft the first bands bringing electronic tunes into Punk music, legend. Bi Nuu is an old song by IDEAL, another German legend, they’re all really old now man!

Head vs. Pop at What Club with Alex Sportelli, Wasted Ruffians, Turbotobi and more!


Last Days celebrates Last Days of Madonna, part hommage part mocking, is she still cool or just old? Anything goes tonight and where there will be Madonna songs played for sure by Philipp and Suz, the main floor is clearly dominated by electronic music with Dariuz and Nicolas Castle. But don’t worry, that hits they won’t leave out, wild dancing guaranteeee at Backyard, Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr., Kreuzberg!

Exploited prsents the Adana Twins Everyday Record Release at Prince Charles with Shir Khan, Claptone and friend I-can-and-do-play-all-styles Jack Tennis. These guy are always competing against each other, competition for the guys, fun for listeners and dancers!

Combine Techno, Jazz and Classic and receive Brandt Bauer Frick (!K7) live, the German Matthew Herberts who are playing live at Gretchen, the second project of the icon makers, also Kode 9 and Delfonic, Obentrauthstr. 19!


Feed your ears with Ambient, IDM, Drone, Noise, Experimental Techno and artists Evirgen ( Cassegrain ), Zan Lyons- Live Audio Visual, Samuel Kerridge and mor, Contort at The Mindpirates Vereinsheim, Falckensteinstr. 48!

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