Bar 25 – Movie Trailer

I was one of the biggest Fan of the Bar 25. I think I had the most magical, romantic, funny, crazy Berlin nights at that place. Memories I will have forever. But am I ready to see the place of my own memories captured in a documentary? Not so sure if the pictures of a movie can at all capture the memories and emotions I have connected to this place. Still the Bar 25 documentary is one of  the most anticipated movies of Berlin’s youth and party culture and I will probably watch it even if the impressions of the trailer feel a little trashy. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Bar 25 – Tage ausserhalb der Zeit

Regie: Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko
Drehbuch: Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko
Kamera: Pepa Meissner, Alexander Schmalz
Schnitt: Bobby Good
Musik: Reecode


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