Fighting for/with a Smile

photos: Arlette Riedel

The reason I love this city so much, is that even if I feel sometimes like I know it all, it never stops to suprise me in a good way. Three weeks ago I passed by the Mindpirates with a couple of curious friends to see how  their Cardboxfight was going to be. We became the spectator of a box war mankind never saw before. Soldiers with incredible armours stood in front of each other. Warriors with not only the power to impress but also the spirit to win gathered all together to fight inside of the Mindpirates courtyard. The winner was a girl with the perseverance of a pit bull and the strength of a tree.  Even if the pictures after the jump may look brutal to you. The people were not fighting with anger and bloodthirst but with a happy smile. So much fun to watch!  Thanks Berlin and the crazy but talented Mindpirates for such an amazing event.

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All photos by Arlette Riedel

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