MELT! with Flower Power!

What was the styling trend number one of this year’s MELT! Festival? As you see: flowers inside the hair. I am not so sure if these floral wreaths that nearly every second girl was wearing had any secret meaning such as: follow me to my tent, or something like that, or if it’s a devotional gesture towards Lana del Rey. For sure we had a good time without any flowers on our head. Beth Dito is my second new best friend and was an amazing entertainer, Rufus Wrainwirght is the new Elton John of the hipster generation, Little Boots is really small and Two Door Cinema Club was my discovery of this year. Apart from great bands we had a good portion of luck with the weather and some good company with the guys of Mit Vergnügen, the Jane Waynes and the girls from LesMads. Only thing I am asking myself:  When did it become a must-do to wear a carnivale costume to a festival? I get the idea of transformation and dressing up for a party or even for a festival. But most of the costumes looked cheap and not really authentic to me. Like a trend people follow without having real fun with it. Some pretty people with and without costumes after the jump.

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Thanks to frontlineshop and Eletronic Beats for inviting us!

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