iHeartBerlin Anniversary Collection with Front Row Society

In celebration of our 5th anniversary we teamed up with Berlin-based label Front Row Society and came up with a Special Anniversary Collection of digital printed scarves. I created 11 designs and you have the chance to decide which five of these we will actually produce and present at our anniversary event on September 29th. Just head over to the facebook page of Front Row Society, take part in the voting until next Wednesday and win tickets for the party. After the jump you can see the designs in full glory and read the story behind it.

This design as well as the one from the top of the post are made of the same photo of my friend and previous guest author Anna from Artfridge.de. It was taken at the first Last Days of Lindsay party 3 years ago at Temporäre Kunsthalle.

This design was made of a photo I took at the concert of PnP a few years ago in some small place in Neukölln. The sexy legs belong to Sampson a.k.a. Scout Wölfli who is the host of Sampson’s Cherry-O-Kie night at Südblock.

This one is sort of the female counterpart of the design before. The legs belong to photographer Stini Mimissonsdottir and I took the photo in front of the Shade party at the former NBI.

This design is proof what a great source of inspiration a cheap vintage blouse can be. I took the photo at a party at the Backyard who just celebrated their 2nd anniversary last weekend.

This hot girl-on-girl action took place at the famous Blitz party a while ago. It’s actually one of my strongest and favorite photos I took there.

This war of stuffed animals took place at the 1st anniversary party of the dance studio of Constanza Macra’s company Dorky Park last year. It was very special party that was a lot of fun. The location is the former WMF at Klosterstraße.

This design features myself voguing at the Last Days of Madonna party a few months back. It’s the only design where I added some more graphical elements to the kaleidoscope. And it’s probably the only photo that features both my beard and Madonna’s mouth.

This colorful design is made of a photo I took at a recent Blitz party at Horst Kreuzberg. You would think it happened at one of those Holi parties, but no, it’s at Blitz.

This sculpture is actually a very cool hat piece from one of the guests at the Dandy Diary x Facehunter Fashion Week opening party in July.

This is the most recent design and the source photo was taken backstage at the fashion show of my friend Bonnie Strange’s label The Shit back in July. Peace!

You can vote until next week Wednesday for your favorite design here. We will also raffle off some of the actual scarves, but we will do that to a later time after the voting. For now you can win tickets for our anniversary party on September 29th 2012.

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