Last Days of Amy – Halloween Party at Backyard

Dena, photo: Joachim Zimmermann

The Last Days parties have always been about wild dancing and big fun. David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson or Paris Hilton, there will always be fallen celebs to celebrate with both a funny and a tragic eye. Of course it is a bit more of a tragic one if it is about a dead person. This month’s Last Days Party is about Amy Winehouse, our big girl with an even bigger voice who came to a tragic end last year. Since Halloween falls on a weekday and Backyard has traditionally a Halloween party called Backyard Haunted House, Last Days of Amy is not only about Amy but also a Halloween party. Of course you can combine this and dress like a scary Amy or just as whatever you want to: it’s Halloween! However, Amys will be free of charge, of course. So sneak to your local beekeeper, steal that beehive, spray it black and put it on your head. Then try looking as thin and fucked up as possible and there you go! Another big girl is playing at Last Days of Amy: Dena, shooting star of the summer, her hit Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools became popular not least because of the video which was filmed on a flea market in Berlin. More on the party after the jump:

The party starts at midnight and features DJs such as the above mentioned Dena from the Block, Blogger, DJane and writer Oh Sophia, ladie’s favourite Entanzkavalier on one floor and on the other floor strictly electronic by Christian Vance, Amir Jazzil and Andreas Horn. Join the Facebook event here. Wear a fancy (scary) dress or you shall be burnt at Backyard’s very own stake! You can also lit a candle at the Amy Winehouse shrine or  fear pain and slaughter on the cemetery floor. Get a music forecast and a video by Dena here:

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