Virtual Realities Film Week

On Monday a very interesting film week is kicking off at Kino Central at Hackescher Markt. It’s a special program of 11 different feature films curated by Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo that circles around the theme of identity, each of them with a different perspective on issues from love and gender to relationships, sexuality and youth. The selection of films of the Virtual Realities Film Week seems very intriguing! Read more about the concept of the film week and watch the trailers of the films after the jump.

from the press release:

Virtual Realities Film Week is proud to present the week long film event hosted at Kino Central in Berlin Mitte. Seeking to challenge pre-existing norms and values around the idea of ‘identity,’ each of the featured films articulates a different perspective on issues from love and gender to relationships, sexuality and youth.

Curated by artist Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, the project is the result of efforts to establish a platform for film and video work with narratives outside those of normative cinema.

Consisting of 11 different films from 11 different artists and directors, the program reaches beyond our culture’s traditional benchmarks for defining identity. Many of the films refuse to be limited to a specific genre or style, as their stories and approach to the medium of filmmaking deviates from the prevailing conventions of blockbuster entertainment.

The films not only go beyond standard methodologies of film making, they also focus on examining human experience through moving images, highlighting marginalized stories and concerns that remain under-represented among many film programs and cinemas. In “Hans & Grete,” for example, artist Sue de Beer portrays the psychological lives of teenage American school shooters amid the context of American youth culture, paying close attention to the teenagers’ emotional psyches. Unlike the abstract and fictional “Hans & Grete”, theater and film director Marcus Lindeen’s “Regretters” documents a touching story of unfulfilled expectation post sexual reassignment, as well as the consequences that result from the operation’s secrecy.

As an array of new and available technologies make it possible for audiences to experience more profound ways of viewing cinema and moving images, the number of films focusing on commercial taste and budget soaring visual effects is growing. This project tries to shift the lens back towards film as an art-form — and a creative medium for challenging the status quo.

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