Woodkid: I love you

“Internet killed the video star” – that’s what many people thought ten years ago when record companies were dramatically reducing budgets for music videos. But things turned out different. Of course music videos still exist today, bands love them, and they are of great importance for making music available to a larger audience. Just think about Gangnam Style: without the video clip, the song would have never gotten that popular.

For Woodkid, the music videos certainly had an important impact on his success as well. It all started in 2011 with the video for Iron, which was viewed more than 25 million times so far. In May 2012 he came up with Run Boy Run. Both videos were done in the same, highly suggestive black and white style, and they were directed by Woodkid himself. Today, he releases his highly anticipated new video I love you. Check it out after the jump.

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