Oscar Short Special: Adam and Dog

Last night was the final screening of the Oscar-nominated Short Films at Babylon Mitte presented by shorts.tv and our friends from Mobile Kino. Because of the 3rd anniversary party of Mit Vergnügen I had to choose between the animations and the live action shorts. I decided for the later and did not regret it. The five live action films were all amazing and I have to admit that I sobbed through half of the program as a lot of them were utterly heartbreaking. My favorite ones were the Oscar winner Curfew and Henry. Curfew is about a guy who sort of messed up his life and wants to commit suicide but gets interrupted by a call from his estranged sister enquiring him as a last minute baby sitter for her daughter. The film is heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time and has an amazing musical scene in it. Henry is a film about an old man, a pianist, looking for his wife who is supposedly in danger. But more and more he realizes that reality and his perception of the world around him don’t match.

As soon as those two gems get released online I will feature them in our Short Sunday section for you to see them. For now I have one of the animated short films for you that I missed in the screening: Adam and Dog. It’s an endearing story of a dog and his ancounter with Adam in paradise. Enjoy the lovely film directed by Minkyu Lee after the jump.

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