Almost Legal – THC Crew, Dan Rowe & Adam Tylicki

It is impossible to take the S-Bahn or the bus in Berlin without noticing the graffitis of Kreuzberg grafitti crew THC. You might have not actively noticed if you’re not into graffiti art, but their works and the three letters T H C are everywhere, not just in Kreuzberg. THC belongs to Berlin just like the Fernsehturm or the Döner, being a group of guys, born and raised in a Berlin of the 90s, influenced by Hip Hop music and the fast changing city. For the exhibition Almost Legal at Backyard, THC is exhibiting for the first time ever inside a room, all legal, a new experience for them and for us. To keep it underground they will premiere a video showing the work process of a piece, on the streets and barely legal. Cause may the rents go high and the streets go pretty, this is still Kreuzberg 36, right?! More about the group exhibition and the other artists taking part after the jump.

In a complete contrast to THC regarding the subject – but not less colourful – artist Dan Rowe is also part of the exhibition. The fact that he is colourblind prevented his entry to art college at a time when it would have been relevant. However, this artist sees what he thinks he sees, feels what he feels and expresses it in oil, on canvas. Dan, already having exhibited internationally (Sydney, London), will show his massive canvas, made in Jamaica, creating a summerish feeling of laid back chilling and dreams of white sand, rastas, reggae music and the blue sea. Reggae has been a huge influence for Rowe from a very young age. So much, that his life ambition was to reach Jamaica, and paint there for a reasonable amount of time. In search of the Jamaican dream, eventually it was found but not without blood and tears.

The exhibition will be completed by the work (sculpture) of Adam Tylicki. Born and raised in New York City, he spent his early years living in his father’s art gallery, a crucial point for his later pursuit to become an artist. Since achieving a degree in Fine Arts Photography & Video at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Tylicki has been challenging the traditional way of photography and now sets on redefining the medium he is mainly working in. Following shows in London and Poland where he also resided, Tylicki is now based in Berlin, objectivity and minimalism have overcome the art’s aesthetic in his recent works.

So, dress up tomorrow evening to join the exhibition opening on Saturday and stay for a little afterparty with DT64 whom you already know from the A’ Million party, the cray boys of Ghetto Paradise (they are young and need free drinks) and (curly) Suz. And don’t forget to watch out for three massive letters THC when taking the S-Bahn!

Backyard cordially invites you to join the opening of the exhibition Almost Legal:

Vernissage 20.04.2013 / 20.00 / Backyard / Gitschiner Str 22 / U-Prinzenstr

Artists: THC Crew, Dan Rowe, Adam Tylicki

Video Premier: 22.30

DJs: DT64, Ghetto Paradise, Suz

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