Interview: Listening to Music with Soukie & Windish

Soukie & Windish come from the North of Germany. Their hometown Bremen was not exactly known for its outstanding club culture, so a new DIY generation of promoters, producers and DJs started organizing parties at off-locations. Soukie & Windish were part of that scene and also started their DJing activities at thesetypes of parties.

Together they moved to Hamburg and in 2008 their first EP was published. Further releases followed and soon after they started performing at Fusion, the Bachstelzen parties and at the Salon zur Wilden Renate on a regular basis. In 2011 Soukie & Windish founded the label URSL together with Sebo and Madmotormiquel. Here they also published their debut A Forest.

In our Interview with Soukie & Windish we talked about music by Huey Lewis, Faith no more, Cro, Daft Punk, DJ Koze and Rihanna. More after the jump.

Huey Lewis The Power Of Love

Well, this is a nice start. Love is the only, monocausal reason why a human being does something completely irrational. And that makes you find yourself in situations you would have normally never gotten yourself into. Nothing in the world has this power. This song shows that, it is powerful without any compromises, there is nothing to discuss about. Nayan also moved to Berlin because of love, and that changed our way of producing music, too. If we would have done the album together in a studio, the outcome would be entirely different.

Faith no more Easy

Easy like Sunday Morning – no matter how these boys have meant it back then, but this hotel scene reminds me of a the moment when you leave a club on a Sunday morning, going home to hang out with your friends or to just chill on your couch by yourself. This is always a highlight, you are still cheered by the night, and then you start exchanging the stories of the night, you laugh about it, and there is this beautiful hangover-melancholia. You are ending the night, just as in this song. Some continue drinking beer, others change to hot drinks, some that have actually slept come to join (and hopefully they take care of the breakfast as well). That is what the Sunday morning has been invented for, right?

Cro Hi Kids

H & M jerks!

Daft Punk One more time

It is quite outrageous that Daft Punk have been marketed as the founders of EDM in the US, so that jerks like Swedish House Mafia call them one of their most important influences. That’s really intolerable. Everything that Daft Punk does has a soul.

We were also influenced by them, even though this song is not our favourite. Our video to Hero is more or less the prologue to Da Funk. There is this dog, and he is not walking in the streets of New York, but in Neukölln. That is where he comes from, and then he loses his master, so he thinks “Ok, it does not matter anymore, now I can go to New York.”

DJ Koze feat. Apparat Nices Wölkchen

Kosi is the King! This song is also one of our favourites from the new album. There are some things that somehow connect us to him, even though we do not know each other. DJ Koze was travelling India during the same time when Fritz was there. He also published his album at the same time that we did. And as Isoleé is Fritz’ neighbour, he managed to get Dürerstuben’s new single (URSL / Laut & Luise) to Pampa Records. So for us it is about time to meet DJ Koze. I also think that his interviews are just as great as his music. So we would really like to meet this peculiar guy and share a bottle of wine with him.

Sebo & Madmotormiquel, Nayan Soukie Everything Will Change

We do our label URSL together with Sebo and Madmotormiquel. This was their first vinyl, and it really is a beautiful record. Their long experience as DJs just shows that you can not buy the feeling for music; it is like a plant, which grows and flourishes if you take good care of it. So it was in them for a long time, and now it gets out – they just release one great records after another.

Nayan is involved in everything at URSL, so he sometimes also works on the mixdown and the sound. He just needs to do that, so here he mixed a little bit the arrangement here, which is why his name is on the record as well. 🙂

Rihanna Diamonds

We signed a ghostwriter contract, and normally we are not allowed to talk about it, but as she has ripped us off, we do not give a shit any more. Yes, we produced Rihanna, but what we did for Lady Gaga was even better. And in fact the vocals are by Fritz; when you listen to it carefully and when you compare it to those of our track Hero, you will hear it, too.

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