No Limit to my Love for James Blake

A few years ago the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen showed the Video for James Blake’s Limit to your Love in their showcase of selected music videos. When I watched this year’s selection I began wondering if Blake may have also produced a new video? And luckily along with his new album, he also produced a new little visualization of the piece „Overgrown“.

When I first heard James Blake’s Limit to your Love on the radio my heart may have missed a beat I loved it so. I remember I was in a hurry, on my way to my granddad and way annoyed because I had just taken a wrong turn. But when the song began everything was fine again and I felt as if in a vessel gliding through the streets.

I then saw James Blake live at the Berlin Festival in 2011 and really enjoyed his show, although it was at 3 pm in the afternoon he managed to capture the audience and transport them into a mystical world.

Finally James Blake has released a new album and is also touring again. Before he starts the big tour in October (with stops in Berlin, Munich, Cologne etc.) he will be playing at the Electronic Beats Festival in Cologne next week. The 16th of May has been circled in my calendar for a while and I cannot wait to go.

For those of you who 1.) won’t make it  or 2.) are disappointed my text isn’t on film this week, here is Limit to your Love again and the video for Blake’s new single Overgrown

Limit To Your Love


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