Charli XCX – Superstar

Charli XCX is shit. What I mean is: she is THE Shit. This girl is so hyper trendy, she is friends with Marina of Marina and the Diamonds, hangs out with Sky Ferreira and even gangsta rappers wanna work with her. Supporting Ellie Goulding, doing collabs with the most wicked acts, getting her music remixed by the freshest djs on this planet, just like that. If you haven’t heard of Charli yet, she wrote and produced Icona Pop‘s hit I Love It, yeah the one you used to sing under the shower.

But what is it with Charli XCX, why is she so successful? Well, first of all she is a singer – songwriter, meaning she writes her own songs and performs it. Singer – songwriters are rare nowadays and mostly found within the Indie – scene. But Charli XCX is doing proper pop music. Then, it’s her style. She looks like a Goth – and a barbie. She is a goth doing pop music looking like a barbie, wearing her very own mixture of 90s clothing, combined with romantic goth style. This could in fact look ridiculous as she is not the androgyne teen type as is, let’s say, Grimes. But Charli XCX wears Buffalo boots and tight ripped tops combined with glowing make up and turns out to be the most stylish girl on earth. She is a goth, a goth who managed to make this style look very trendy. That is why everybody likes her: poppers, emos, goths, even rappers.

By the way the XCX stands for X-rated Cunt X-rated. But the X-rated cunt surprises us:  Her new album True Romance is coming out and you know what? Goth Charli fell in love while producing her album and it eventually became an album about romance and love. This stylish pretty little party goth grew up a bit and is potentially on her way to become a superstar. Her new video after the jump.

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