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Did you ever try food-delivery in your office or at home, because you were working so much and had no time to cook or to go out for lunch? Most of them are unhealthy (cheesy pizza), expensive and all over unsatisfying. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We got in touch with the Berlin start up company Gaumenzauber a month ago. They catered for the shooting of our little webshow The Fruit Salad during Fashion Week and saved our lives and nerves at least a couple of times. Gaumenzauber ist not just a simple food delivery, it is a personal chef who provides you with the perfect meals every day. Learn more about them and see some delicious examples of their deliveries after the jump.

Gaumenzauber is a hollistic food concept that adjusts to your personal requirements. It delivers healthy, well-balanced and delicious meals for your day to your door or to your office. Their menues are always a nice surprise but they also look out for all your special needs. You can order vegetarian menues and inform them about all your food allergies. Their experimental recipes provoke positive craving for healthy eating, bring you in touch with new food combinations and help you to break old, unhealthy eating habits. You can also order a special diet menu to eat less calories and still be satisfied.

During our Fruit Salad shooting we could try so many incredibly delicious combinations that we could not say for sure what we liked best. What really makes Gaumenzauber unique is that it takes your mind off the cooking and still is a perfect healthy option. All their meals are prepared with fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients from carefully selected producers and fish from sustainable, MSC-certified fisheries and don’t use artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or colours. If you are worried that everything is coming out of the fridge you are wrong. The meals are prepared fresh every day, with a vitamin-protective approach and as low as possible on fat to give you the magic energy you need for your day. We think this is such a unique concept of consuming food, that we hope you might try it out. If you are sceptical you can have a trial day for a little bit less. Also they are catering business lunches and also events.

We really thank the Gaumenzauber team for helping us out with The Fruit Salad. Your support made our shooting days a very pleasant experience.

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